Android 11 with 28.3% is the number one operating system


The past year saw the release of one of the most popular versions of Android, version 12; This update brought several changes that users can notice. However, according to the Android distribution chart in 2022, Android 12 could not win the title of the most popular operating system; As it turned out, the Android 11 operating system managed to win the first title.

As a reminder, Google has been able to update its distribution stats on a monthly basis on a regular basis. This statistic shows which Android version managed to gain market share and this issue can provide good information for users. However, Google has stopped updating the data. Recently, Google changed its decision to cancel the aforementioned content update and has now released a new stat file. The current charts will be updated every six months or a year.

According to the new distribution data for 2022, which was published and was able to provide good information for Android users and enthusiasts, Android 11 is known as the most popular version of Android, which is about 28.3% of Android phones running it. It is not bad to know that Android 11 is next after Android 10 with a market share of 23.9%.


In the third place where Android 9 introduced it was able to occupy the third place with 16.2% of the market share, and in the fourth place the name Android 8 Orio can be seen, and it is interesting to know that it has 11.6% of the market share. You can see that the closer we get to the old models, the declared numbers and ratios will decrease; Of course, it should come as no surprise that every year, as new versions of Android are released, we see updates from other users.

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