4 Best Google Play Store Apps and games


The Google Play Store has millions of apps released daily from various developers around the world. 

Some of these apps come from professional and well-known developers so they get the attention they deserve. While others come from developers that are smaller in size and therefore don’t get any attention even though they deserve it.

As a result, we searched the Google Play Store for the best new applications that are worth trying and presented to you in this list: 

Graffiti Smash

This game belongs to the Gacha group of games that are all about direct combat in a very distinctive style.

The game is based on throwing characters around the screen and the battlefield and coloring the ground with the colors of these distinctive characters.

And when you color the entire land you get different effects that give you a chance to win the upcoming battles.

The game includes PVP and PVE modes, with the possibility of co-playing with other users.

You can download and enjoy the game for free directly through the Google Play Store without facing any difficulty or challenges. 

First aid book reader


This application allows you to read all US Red Cross First Aid books and publications. It includes a variety of books on methods of dealing with different injuries.

The application also includes a feature to display videos and various tests to check the degree of your knowledge of the first aid process. 

Nobodies After Death

This game offers you a large variety of perplexing puzzles that you have to solve in order to benefit from the different prizes within the game world.

The story of the game revolves around a member of an organization to clean up crime scenes so that no one will find out what happened there.

But instead of cleaning up behind the usual crimes, you’re cleaning up behind covert operations that no one should ever find out.

Thus you need to solve the crime scene cleaning mystery and clean up the things that could reveal your identity or the identity of the perpetrator. 

The game has nine different levels containing more than 100 hand drawn crime scenes with the possibility of solving each crime differently. The game also follows a straightforward story from its beginning to its end.

L Launcher  app

This app changes the way apps are displayed on Wear OS smartwatches. 

The app has a variety of different features, but the most important one is that it makes Google Watches look like Apple smartwatches.

You can also get to know more features of this application through its official list of features.

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