You can compete with your friends and develop your knowledge at the same time.. All you need to know about Wordle


As we used to from time to time a new game dominates the discussions of various social networking sites around the world, Wordle recently took over the entire Internet, after it was able to prove that word game lovers have a noticeable presence everywhere.

Although it’s just a word game somewhat like a crossword, it’s very popular, with more than 300,000 people playing it every day, according to the New York Times .

This popularity may seem confusing, but there are a few small details that are driving everyone crazy with this new game.

So what is Wordle, and why does everyone care about it so much?

Wordle isn’t the first word-mind test to go viral online, but it comes at a time when societies continue to battle the long-running urge to watch the news with gusto, after an endless flurry of snooping on the global pandemic.

Of course, the more follow-up and interest in following the news, the higher the desires of people to have outlets for entertainment and recreation. Hence the importance of the game Wordle , which has collected everything that a human being today desires.

First, because it’s completely free to play, it won’t bother you with a series of ads or detailed microtransactions like many other similar games, including all the game-inspired versions of recent weeks.

Not only that, it is not even available on the App Store or Google Play , so it is suitable for users of both Apple and Android phones, or even through your computer and various smart tablets.

So, let’s try to understand Wordle together

Wordle is a daily word game that you can easily find online, there are several versions of the game, but they follow the same rules and objectives.

It is as fun and simple as a crossword puzzle, and can only be played once a day.

And every new 24 hours there is a new word of the day, and it is up to you to find out that word and identify its letters, and the official website of the game did a great job explaining the rules, and they are as follows in brief, according to Forbes Business magazine:

  1. Wordle gives each player 6 chances to guess a randomly selected five-letter word in English.
  2. If you can find the correct letter in your predicted word, and in the correct place in the word, the letter will appear in green.
  3. If you choose the correct letter but in the wrong location of the word, it will appear in yellow. If you choose a letter that is not in the word, it will appear in grey.
  4. You can enter a total of six words, which means you can enter five words to try if you can get hints about the letters, their positions and the original word the game chose for your test.
  5. Then you get one chance to use these hints to anticipate that final word.

What makes this game so popular?

1- There is only one puzzle per day: This creates a certain level of expectations, then you can only get one try in Wordle. If you get it wrong you have to wait until tomorrow to get a new word and a whole new role in the game.

2- Everyone plays the exact same puzzle: This is also crucial to the popularity of the game, as it makes it easy for you to connect with your friends and chat about the puzzle of the day.

3- EASY TO SHARE YOUR RESULTS: Once you have successfully completed the puzzle for the day or even if you failed completely, you are invited to share your Wordle score for the day. If you Tweet the image, it will look like this.

Tips and tricks to ensure you win the game

If you are a fan of crossword games and want to challenge yourself, you may want to avoid the following tips and rely entirely on your instincts and self-effort.

But for anyone who is tired of seeing gray boxes that mean you haven’t found the right word, you may find the following tips helpful to win, according to Cnet :

1- Choose the first word: It can be said that the first word is the most important in the game. To maximize the usefulness of the opening maneuver in choosing an English word, choose a word with three vowels and five different letters.

Some examples: media, radio and others.

2- Avoid reusing the gray letter : There is a keyboard at the bottom of the Wordle game board, it displays the letters in green, yellow and gray as mentioned above.

Avoid reusing grayed out letters, yes that sounds obvious, but it may take time and effort to think of five letter words that don’t use the letters you’ve already tried, that effort will eventually pay off.

3- Letters can appear twice : This complicates things a bit, especially when you run out of letters to try the fourth or fifth word, but the letters often repeat, as is the case with words like chill, happy, etc. So, are you ready now to challenge yourself and try a game Wordle to test your English word stock or not?

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