Munich, Germany will abandon Linux to use Windows 10 at a cost of 50 million euros



Munich Linux Limux

The mayor of the German city of Munich issued a decision to switch from using Linux to using Windows 10 starting in 2020, in a project estimated to cost 50 million euros and ending around 2022.

The city of Munich began relying on the Linux system since 2003 using a special distribution known as LiMux, in support of open sources and in the hope of reducing the cost of computers and the cost of copies of Windows. But after more than a decade, the city council decided to return to Windows 10.

The decision comes as a result of the problems faced by many employees using the Linux system, as more than 6 thousand employees expressed their dissatisfaction. In addition, most computers run two operating systems, Windows in addition to Linux because some programs do not work on the latter, which the city council wants to put an end to.

Windows 10 will be used on 29,000 computers by 2022, turning city administrations into Microsoft’s system again. It will also move to the Office 2016 package gradually by running it with a virtual emulator for Windows for the time being.

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