WordPress Blogs Integrate With Paypal



Bloggers can now sell products through WordPress blogs and receive payments through PayPal. Automatic company announced a new payment button that can be placed in the posts to accept payment via PayPal with a very simple process.

Unfortunately, for starters, the service is available for paid blogs hosted on WordPress, whether through the Premium or Commerce package, and there will be fees charged by PayPal as usual.

When the PayPal payment button is included in the post, it will be asked to enter more details about the product to be sold such as its name, description and even the inclusion of a picture and PayPal address to which the payments are being transferred.

And when anyone buys a WordPress blog product, they will be presented with a PayPal payment window in a pop-up to log in with their PayPal account and pay with it.

It is noticeable that Automatic has recently started offering more features exclusively on its hosted paid blogs, to justify its relatively high fees, ranging between 8.24 to 24.92 dollars per month, depending on the package, and the ultimate of these advantages is the ability to upload custom templates and outside plugins.

It doesn’t seem that Automatic wants to compete with popular shopping platforms like Shopify and Etsy right now, especially since WordPress is more a blogging platform rather than a shopping platform, and the number of users who can take advantage of the feature is relatively small.


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