WordPress.com resets passwords of 100,000 accounts as a precaution


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The news was a wake-up call when it was published earlier last week, when everyone learned that as many as 5 million Gmail account names and passwords had been hacked and posted on a Russian forum. At the time, Google stated that this security breach was not its fault, but rather an indirect hacking of users' devices, but this does not mean that they should continue to use the same password as whether nothing had changed.

In this vein, the company Automatic – which owns the WordPress.com platform – decided to take some precautions to secure thousands of its users' accounts, by resetting the passwords of about 100,000 accounts whose owners were found to have been subjected to such a breach.

"A password reset notification was also sent with instructions to reactivate the account," said Daryl Houston of Automatic.

Obviously, only those affected will need to apply for the new password. Whatever the case, you should take the necessary precautions these days. We advise against using an 'exact' same password for different internet services, no matter how much convenience you will lose in doing so.

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