Has Europe begun to realize the importance of blocking pornographic sites?




When a group of Arab countries with religious reference for a very long time began to block pornographic sites on the Internet in order to maintain the culture of their societies in rejecting this type of sites, this process was described by some activists on the Internet as a futile process and that preserving this culture must be replaced The interest of the Arab user only and the promotion of his culture not to browse such sites without the need to block them by government agencies or telecommunications companies, and despite the various means that can be used to break this ban, blocking them has reduced their spread in the Arab world, moreover to the expansion of the work of associations and initiatives in In this regard, we also do not forget that there are large groups of users who do not have the technical knowledge required to use the means to break the ban, despite the ease of use, and according to my estimation, working against these sites in the Arab world is much better than other regions for reasons related to Arab customs and culture.

What British Prime Minister David Cameron announced regarding the strict closure of pornographic sites in Britain indicates the heavy spread of these sites in Britain and their poor impact on some groups of British society, particularly adolescents, and that they represent a major threat to Internet users, knowing that the impact of this decision differs in Europe and America from The Arab world, where pornography in Europe and America is considered a trade that has its gains and not good exploitation, especially for young people, and a source of crime, so it is good that taking such decisions will limit the spread of these sites and will be considered a losing trade, at least in Britain.

Google’s decision to limit child pornography on the Internet came, according to the source, under pressure from British politicians as well, and this confirms that Britain may be heading to present this vision to the European Union in order to generalize it, but this may take a period of time, and whether this vision is generalized, this will lead to Reducing some of the means used to break the ban on watching pornographic content, which is generally used extensively in the Arab world.. Despite these British statements, some activists in the Arab world are still defending not banning any website and that this issue falls under the sphere of personal freedom, does not mean Because they support pornography, but with their opinions they actually contribute to its spread without them being aware of the seriousness of this issue.

This step taken by Britain is a very important step to determine the fate of this type of website on the Internet, and since Britain has its weight in the European Union, I think that the matter will gradually spread to the rest of the European Union countries and thus to all countries of the world where international organizations can take decisions In this regard, all telecommunications regulatory authorities around the world are obligated to it, for the Arab world, and although these decisions came in light of telecommunications regulators that can suppress many opinions, especially those related to politics, what they have done in banning such websites from an early period was an act Well in order to preserve society and its culture when using the Internet.

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