The most powerful programs we have tried to change the sound of the mic on the computer

Whether you’re voice chatting on Discord or Gamer, posting live on Twitch, or a content creator to YouTube or Instagram, you probably don’t want to always use your real voice while talking , or you may need to do it as a joke with friends. Regardless of the reason, at any time you can add sound effects when speaking into the microphone on your computer to mask the original sound. Doing this is very easy thanks to the abundance of tools available for this task, and in this article we highlight the best of these tools according to our experience with changing and modifying the voice , so let’s start right away.

1 Clownfish Voice Changer

Completely free software to change the voice on Windows PC, Clownfish Voice Changer adds user-defined sound effects at the system level so that the new sound reaches every program that uses the microphone on the device, including games. The program comes with 13 sound effects that you can choose from such as “alien”, ancient Atari-inspired sounds, “toddler”, “helium effect”, “robot”…etc.
Not only that, the software also lets you manipulate sounds and mix audio effects together to create a new effect, and has a “Hear microphone” feature that allows your modified voice to be heard in real time to preview the new sound. In fact, Clownfish Voice Changer program has many features and advantages, in addition to its freeness, which makes it an ideal choice for changing the voice of the mic on the computer. [ download the program ]

2 Voicemod

One of the most popular voice changer programs ever, Voicemod is one of the programs that deals professionally with changing voices on the computer and you can use it in your favorite games, voice recording applications, video broadcasting applications, chatting, meetings, video calls, etc. Indeed, well-known gamers on various live broadcasting platforms use it to add some form of humor!
The program is simple and easy to use even for beginners, and it allows you to change the sound with a number of very well made sound effects, some even with ambient sounds and background effects that help create a realistic environment — you can check out live previews of the effects available from the official website .
Also featured in this program is that it allows the use of keyboard shortcuts to activate the modified sound, so it is easy to switch between the real and fake sound at any moment. However, the software is available in a free version that allows to use some of the modified voices daily while the paid version (Voicemod PRO) gives unlimited access to all audio effects. Overall it is a great program for both streamers and users who want to hide their real voice. It comes with a wide range of sounds, and can be set up with very little effort. [ download the program ]

3 Voxal Voice Changer

Another reliable professional software to change your voice on computer, it is very light and easy to use. Voxal Voice Changer is free for personal use and tweaks the mic’s voice to sound differently while you’re playing games, chatting with friends on messengers, or even recording vocals. Many ready-made sound effects are available to users such as astronaut, alien, cave monster, robot, zombie, and even other effects to amplify the sound or make it more intense.
The program is not satisfied with that, but it also gives users the ability to generate new sounds by creating a stereo that contains different special effects that the user adjusts himself and saves on the program for later use. Like the previous programs, it allows you to preview sounds in real time to get a quick idea of ??the effect each modded sound brings. All in all, Voxal Voice Changer is an excellent software and comes with a professional set of tools to help you manipulate your voice in an effortless manner. [ download the program ]

4 SuperVoiceChanger

One of the oldest computer programs that allow changing the mic sound on Windows, SuperVoiceChanger is an old program and still works fine even on Windows 11, but unlike previous programs, it does not provide any ready-to-use sound effects, but rather puts in front of you a set of controls to adjust and modify the sound According to your preferences such as noise reduction, sound smoothing, volume maxing, and other enhancements. The program is very simple and works with all the programs installed on your device. Once installed, it becomes integrated with the Windows system to act as a microphone driver. [ download the program ]

5 AthTek Voice Changer

Finally, AthTek Voice Changer is not a bad program, but because it lacks a wide range of features and features available in previous programs. Initially, it is not possible to change the sound in real time while recording with the mic, but you have to record your voice using any audio recording program and then extract the audio file in mp3 or wav format to add the file inside the program and modify it. AthTek Voice Changer Allows up to 2x volume up, control the softness/hoarness and speed of the voice, that’s it! After making any modification, you can preview the result and then press Export to extract the new version of the audio. [ download the program ]

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