Tik Tok faces a lawsuit after the deaths of girls in the “Mantle Challenge”


The Tik Tok application dedicated to sharing short video clips, owned by China, is facing lawsuits, after two girls committed suicide, after participating in the “blackout challenge” or “ scarf ” that they saw on the platform.

Tik Tok resorts to this difficult option after fears that threaten national security and killed Erica Walton, 8, and Ariane Jaylene Arroyo, 9, after they participated in the challenge, put two belts around their neck and held their breath while recording it on their phones.

This came as a result of watching hours of videos showing the challenge presented to them by the “Tik Tok” algorithm, according to the “ Los Angeles Times ”.

Even loss of consciousness The mantle game requires that the participant in the challenge refrain from breathing until he loses consciousness, and every year there are accidents, some of them fatal.

This deadly challenge caused the death of a number of children around the world. In April of 2021, a boy died after participating in the blackout challenge, and another 12-year-old died in Colorado, and a 10-year-old girl committed suicide in Italy.

In the past, Tik Tok has denied responsibility for the problem, saying that the “choking game” injuries of young people long precede the “blackout” challenge.

This challenge is not the first serious game spread on social media in recent years, through the Tik Tok platforms, users have been encouraged to take dangerous actions, including the “skull-breaking challenge”.

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