YouTube rolls out a new update, including deleting offensive comments

The famous YouTube video platform recently introduced some new updates, including activating a set of strict tools to counter offensive comments, which are scheduled to be launched at the end of July.

Hiding subscriber counts is one way that spammers successfully impersonate other channels when leaving comments.

Updates include:

  • Disable hidden subscriber numbers
  • Enhanced automatic supervision capabilities
  • Limit the use of special characters in channel names

YouTube rolls out a new update, including deleting offensive comments

Here’s more information about each of these updates.

Spam and identity-related abuse are at the top of many people’s concerns on YouTube today.

In response, several updates have been rolled out to help protect viewers and creators from spam while making it more difficult to impersonate creators.

With the latest update, the video platform intends to protect the data of viewers and content creators from offensive comments as well as protect against impersonation.

The latest update includes; Show subscriber numbers, after the platform’s feature was to hide it to enable novice content makers to form a fan base, but the update comes after some content makers exploited that feature and defrauded the identity of their competitors to attract followers.

The source stated that other updates include managing comments and deleting junk after they are shown to the content creator first, as well as reducing the use of special characters in the name when creating the channel, such as commas.

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