Snapchat’s New Shared Stories Feature Looks Fun! Who doesn’t want shared memories?


Snapchat’s new “Shared Stories” feature is now available. It is a new way for users to improve the online community experience.

The feature is an expansion of those known as Custom Stories, which has already given users the ability to write their own novels and invite their friends to work together on subsequent posts.

On the other hand, now that the company has shared stories, more people will be able to work together on that story.

Stories shared on Snapchat

Snapchat Shared Stories, according to the company, is designed to help Snapchat users turn shared moments into shared memories.

Shared Stories is an updated version of Snapchat’s previous product, Custom Stories, that enables users to put together their own stories and invite others to view and contribute to them. The mechanism behind how the Shared Stories feature works is straightforward.

The new and improved feature is part of Shared Stories and works in a way that now allows users to choose which friends can expand that story by contributing additional photos or videos, and those friends can also invite others to do the same.

According to 9to5Mac , Snapchat users can, for example, invite their friends to co-create shared stories about a party.

These friends can also add new stories that will appear next to the original story, and if their friends are invited, those friends will also have the option to contribute new stories of their own. This way, everyone will have the opportunity to work together to create a memory of this event.

Just like any Snapchat story, shared stories will also be deleted from the platform after 24 hours. According to the company , this new feature was developed to be secure by design.

This means that the new feature also includes strict moderation of content, which is done through the use of a combination of automatic language detection and new community review tools.

In addition, Snapchat allows users to see if they have joined a shared story with someone they have blocked. Snapchat users will always have complete control over who they share content with and it will give them the option to opt out of the shared story.

Shared Stories is now officially available on both iOS and Android. If users want to access the newly added features, all they have to do is update their Snapchat accounts with the latest versions.

Snapchat latest updates

Snapchat launched some new features in a row. The company recently added Director Mode and announced that it will have more parental controls.

As for Snapchat’s director mode , the app is now equipped with an all-new set of cameras and editing tools that can make Snapchat users’ videos look better than ever.

Aside from the game-changing editing tools, according to 9to5Mac , Director mode also gives creators access to a new dual camera feature, which allows them to use both the front and rear cameras at the same time.

Creators can also record their reactions and view the 360-degree scene without camera tricks or additional apps.

As reported by TechCrunch , Snapchat is finalizing its plans to implement parental control guidelines on its platform. With the newly added functionality of the Family Center, parents will now be able to monitor their teen’s social interactions within the app.

The Family Center feature will allow parents to see who their teen has been talking to in the past week, but they won’t be able to see what was said in those conversations.

The screenshots will also equip parents, if needed, to help their children report bullying and other forms of harassment.

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