To facilitate your work and increase your productivity.. 5 tricks you will need to use in “Google Docs”


New updates and features are always added to the applications that we use daily, but unfortunately we may not be able to keep up with these updates, although they are often very useful, and the Google Docs application or (Google Docs) is not an exception to this rule, as it is constantly added to it New features and tools that may make our work on the application easier and more bendy.

To increase your productivity and save your time, here are the updated features and tricks of Google Docs that you may not be aware of even though you need them:

Draft an email for Gmail

Provided you want to write a Gmail email before you forget the thought in your head and want to send it a message, you can do so directly in the Google Docs app.

You will find this useful feature ideal when writing emails that you want to collaborate with others with whom you will share the document, and will also keep a reference to the email in your documents.

Step 1: Place the cursor in the document where you want to insert the draft email.

Step 2: Go to Insert > Core Modules, and choose Draft Email from the popup.

Step 3: Add the elements of a regular email including recipient, bcc, and address, then type your message in the space provided.

Step 4: Choose the Gmail icon to the left of the form.

You’ll have a draft email in the Gmail app ready to be sent, when you’re ready.

You can later visit Gmail, sign in, and choose your Drafts folder. You’ll see the draft of your email, and you can edit and edit it or send it directly as is.

assembly paper money

Whether you plan or attend a lot of meetings, you will love the assembly paper money feature in Google Docs.

With it, you can create a template for meeting paper money, containing the essentials from Google Calendar directly in the document, then you can add paper money when the time is correct.

Step 1: Place the cursor in the document, where you want to insert meeting notes.

Step 2: Go to Insert > Core Units, and choose Meeting Notes from the pop-up menu.

Step 3: In the window that appears, choose the Google Calendar event of the meeting. You can also use the search section of the calendar to find the desired event.

Step 4: You will see the Google Docs app add a meeting paper money form containing the date, address, attendance, note points, and action items.

You can stop searching for various assembly note templates among Google Docs or other applications, and use this handy feature to always be ready for any meeting.

Writing and formatting with markdown symbols

Sometimes you may need to type in markdown formatting symbols. The Google Docs app helps you by letting you write and format documents using these symbols, all you need to do is the following.

Step 1: Open a new document in Google Docs, and choose Tools from the list.

Step 2: Choose your preferred settings in the list.

Step 3: Go to the General Favorites Settings bar, and tick Markdown Format Auto Recognition.

Step 4: Click OK.

When the feature is enabled, you can format the document with markdown symbols and see the text update instantly. This includes creating headings, formatting text in bold or italics, or inserting hyperlinks.

Create a dropdown list

According to US website Digital Trends , drop-down menus are one of the quickest ways to enter data, answer questions, and make choices in documents. In Google Docs you can insert a preset dropdown menu, or create a new dropdown menu in minutes.

Step 1: Place the cursor in the document, where you want to insert the drop-down list.

Step 2: Choose Insert > Dropdown List from the list.

Step 3: In the pop-up window choose Preset dropdown menu or Create new dropdown menu.

· To see menu options when selecting a preset drop-down menu, move the cursor to one of the drop-down menus to preview.

To create a new dropdown list add list items, choose colors, and arrange items.

You can press the dropdown arrow and select an item, and it will appear in the document that simple.

Insert a text tag

With a Google update, you can now insert any text tag in simple steps.

Step 1: Choose Insert > Watermark from the menu.

Step 2: In the sidebar that opens to Watermark, choose Text Bar.

Step 3: Enter the text in the box above, you can adjust the text using the additional options in the Format section.

· Choose a font style.

· Choose the font size.

You can configure the font in bold, italic, or color writing.

Adjust the transparency.

Choose a diagonal or horizontal position.

Step 4: Tap Done when you’re done.

Inserting a text mark in this way is much easier than creating a mark with the drawing tool.

We hope that these tricks will help you make better use of Google Docs in the future.

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