You are not receiving the sound of WhatsApp calls while your Android phone screen is locked? 10 ways to solve the problem


Have you ever unlocked your phone to be surprised by a lot of missed call notifications that you didn’t pay attention to because your phone simply didn’t ring? This is a problem faced by both Android and iOS users, but in this report we will focus on how to solve it for Android users.

Incoming WhatsApp calls not ringing while Android phones screen is locked

Let’s start with some basics: you have to make sure a few things on your device before
To begin the process of fixing the problem.
First: Enable your device to connect to mobile data or Wi-Fi and make sure that the Internet is active.
Second: Check the device’s volume level and that it is not in silent mode.
Third: Make sure the ringtone is configured correctly.
And finally: Restart your phone and check if you receive WhatsApp call notifications while your device is locked.

If the issue persists, continue to work on the following possible ways to resolve it:

1 – Check if you are using Do Not Disturb mode

Do Not Disturb mutes all call notifications
Incoming calls, including calls from external applications.
If your WhatsApp calls do not ring while the screen is locked, make sure that Do Not Disturb is enabled.
You can find the Do Not Disturb option in the Audio section of the Android Settings menu. This option is also usually available in the device’s taskbar so you can easily disable it. If you can’t find the feature there, follow these steps:

● Go to Settings

● Click on the sound

● Choose the “Do Not Disturb” option and click on the “Stop” button

2 – Force stop the application

If the WhatsApp calls are not ringing while the device screen is locked, you can fix
The problem is by forcing the application to stop. Here are the steps to do that:

● Press and hold the WhatsApp icon on the screen

● Click on the App info option to open the WhatsApp app info page

● Click on the Forced Stop icon

● Press OK to confirm

3 – Re-enable app notifications

If WhatsApp notifications are disabled on your device or not configured properly
You won’t hear voice calls or video calls ring, even when your device’s screen is unlocked.
To resolve this issue, check the app’s notification settings and make sure that the option to receive WhatsApp notifications is enabled. If the settings look fine, you can turn off WhatsApp notifications and then enable them again.
This may help you restore your WhatsApp message and call notifications to normal. Follow these steps to re-enable WhatsApp notifications:

● Press and hold the WhatsApp icon

● Click on the App info option to reveal the detail page

● Choose notification options

● Choose the option to turn off notifications and make sure notifications are turned on

4 – Clear app cache

App cache files make apps work
faster during operation and use.
But when these files accumulate over time, they take up a lot of internal storage space, and may cause the application to function abnormally.
If you cannot solve the problem using any of the previous steps, clearing the cache may help you fix the problem. Here are the steps to clear the app’s cache:

● Go to Settings

● Choose “App & Notifications”

● Click on the app info

● Browse between apps and select WhatsApp

● Choose “Storage and Cache”

● Then choose the option to clear cache

5 – Update the app

Some vulnerabilities in the application may cause it to function improperly, resulting in
This does not notify your device of WhatsApp notifications for voice calls and video calls.
The best way to fix this problem is to manually update the WhatsApp app to the latest available version. Follow these steps to upgrade and update the app:

● Go to Google Play Store

● Visit the WhatsApp info page to check for an available update

● Click the update button (if available) to install the latest version of the app

6 – Change background data settings

WhatsApp needs access to cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection around the clock to provide
Instant notifications of text messages and calls. If WhatsApp calls don’t ring while locked
device screen, make sure the app is accessing the internet connection in the background. To be sure, follow
Next steps:

● Open WhatsApp information page

● Choose “Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connection”

● Check if background data is enabled

● You can turn on the “Unrestricted data usage” option to allow
WhatsApp has unrestricted data access (even when data saving is enabled on
your device).

7 – Disable Android battery saver

Another possible reason for this problem is the activation of the battery saving feature
Android, according to the Indian website GadgetsNow.
To extend battery life, battery saver (or battery optimization on some devices) disables WhatsApp call notifications.
You can disable the battery saving feature and check to see if WhatsApp calls will now ring when the device’s screen is locked.
Usually, the battery saver option is available in the taskbar, but if you don’t find it, follow these steps to disable it:

● Go to the Settings menu

● Choose the battery option

● Click on Battery Saver

● Choose Turn Off Now

8 – Update Google Play Services

Google Play Services has an important role in the work of other applications and services, such as
Correctly positioning services, notifications, etc. Here are the steps to update Google services

● Go to the Settings menu

● Choose “Apps and Notifications”

● Click on App info to reveal all the apps on your device

● Browse the list of applications and select “Google Play Services”

● Choose the Advanced dropdown button.

● Choose Application Details under Storage section

● This will take you to the list of “Google Play Services” in the Play Store

● Click on the update button to get the latest version of the software on your device

9 – Reinstall the app

Another way you can solve the problem is to delete and reinstall an app
WhatsApp on your device. To do this, follow these steps:

● Go to the App Store

● Open WhatsApp information page

● Click the Uninstall button to delete the app and its data from the device

● Reinstall the application

● Start setting up your account and check if the call notification is turned on while the screen is locked
the device

10 – Update the Android version on the device

If none of the previous methods succeeded in activating the WhatsApp call notification on
your device, you can try to update your device’s operating system to the latest version. To do so, follow
Next steps:

● Go to the Settings menu

● Choose the system option

● Click on Software Update

● Check to see if there is any update available for Android

● Start installing the update on your device

If the WhatsApp call notification is working fine before installing the new update
You are facing this problem after updating the OS version, try canceling the upgrade
And back to the old version of the application or operating system.

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