Apple: iPad continues to serve as a home hub in iPadOS 16


Text discovered in iOS 16 beta code indicates that Apple plans to drop support for iPads as a home hub in the new update.

But according to the company, iPads aren’t losing support on what they can do right now. But you will not get any new functionality that may be available later.

“iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 continue to support the iPad as a home hub without any loss of functionality,” said Apple spokeswoman Catherine Franklin.

While this sounds promising, the company plans to introduce a new architecture for the new Home app in iPadOS 16, and the iPad will not be supported as a home hub via this architecture.

This neo-architecture may refer to Matter, a new smart home standard that will enable better interoperability between smart home devices from different companies and manufacturers. Apple is expected to provide Matter support later this year.

Franklin added: The Home app introduces a new architecture for a more efficient and reliable experience. And since the iPad won’t be supported as a home hub via this new architecture. Users who rely on the iPad for this purpose will not need to update the Home architecture and can continue to enjoy all the features that exist.

The company was ambiguous about what exactly the architectural upgrade consisted of. During the keynote speech at WWDC 2022, Corey Wang said : We have reimagined the implementation of the new home from the ground up from the basic architecture so that it is more efficient and reliable, especially for homes with many extensions.

And you’ll still be able to use the new Home app on your iPad without upgrading to this new architecture. The upgrade will be available in the Home app settings in a later update to iPadOS 16.

Apple will not support the iPad as a home hub in iOS 16

It is unclear how the experience differed in ancient architecture. But it is known that iPads will not be able to use accessories that take advantage of the new smart home standard Matter.

In a footnote across the iPadOS 16 preview page , Apple notes that Matter accessories require an Apple TV or HomePod as a home hub. And this Matter support is probably the main difference.

Those who use the iPad for smart home settings need to avoid upgrading to the new architecture. Available as an upgrade in the Home app settings in update for ‌iOS 16‌ and iPadOS 16.

Customers who wish to continue using their iPad also need to avoid this future update. Which appears to be coming in iOS 16.1 or iOS 16.2 software release.

It appears that iPads can continue to function as a home hub in a stuck compatibility mode. This means that they remain working as they were in the past. But they don’t take advantage of any of the new platform features or performance improvements.

Apple says: Apple TV HD, Apple TV 4K, HomePod and HomePod Mini continue to be supported as home hubs with the new architecture.

As a result, you need one of the devices listed if you currently use an iPad as a home hub and want to take advantage of the new architecture.

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