Chrome system now supports running Linux applications



A major update and change was obtained by the Chrome operating system, as for the first time it supports desktop applications committed to the Linux operating system, after it only supported web applications and Android applications.

The beginning will be with the Pixelbook computer, and it will be available later on other computers running the Chromebook system, thus expanding the possibilities of using computers to accomplish greater tasks provided by Linux applications, and let it be like a normal computer running the Linux system due to this support.

Users will be able to run Linux tools and editors and even the application development environment and install them from their usual sources as they do with the Linux system, whether through the terminal or websites, but here on the Chrome system.

This support is still in its infancy, so Google if it via the Pixelbook computer only at the moment. Support for Linux applications in Chrome is not automatically activated, but must be activated manually because it is still at the beginning.

It is worth noting that Google is developing a special version of Android Studio to run on the Chrome system, which will be available later this year so that developers can program Android and Chrome applications and web applications directly from Chromebook computers.

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