Skype officially arrives on Linux with all-new features




Actually, the Skype chat and communication program is available on Linux, but it was abandoned without updates and additions. Now Microsoft has decided to reconsider Skype on Linux to supply it with more advantages and be modern suitable for what Skype provides on other operating systems.

Microsoft has announced the launch of the initial version of the new Skype, which supports the addition of chat features, there is the sending of files, photos, videos, and even the use of modern emojis.

Notwithstanding, this is still an alpha version lacking many features that will be added gradually with more updates later, but a good idea that Microsoft has finally provided the new interface for Skype on Linux.

It is worth noting that this contemporary version of Skype will be able to communicate with Skype on other operating systems, if computers such as Windows and Mac, or mobile devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad, but you will not be able to get calls from the old version of Skype on Linux, whose version number is

Speaking of Linux, Skype on the Web now supports Linux and Chrome through the Chrome browser, where voice calls can be made, and later it will support video calls and even landlines.

In order to download the new Skype for Linux go to the Skype community page , or it can be used on the web.


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