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During my career in building different blogs, I faced numerous challenges. Among these challenges, I was able to identify the three most common problems facing any blogger, and although they are small problems, their impact is very important. I have found that most blogger challenges normally revolve around these three elements/problems, unfortunately your success and failure as a blogger depends on these three elements.. so what are these elements?

These elements, in order, are:

1- Quality of content.

2- Visitors.

3- Earnings.

Without these three elements your blog is inevitably dead. The question now: How can you provide these three elements and make them synergize together in your blog to reach its goal? What is the line between blogs that bring in thousands of visitors and make thousands of dollars, and blogs that struggle for crumbs?

Well, I will answer these questions now… in detail.

I have been blogging for more than five years in both Arabic and English, and wrote more than 1,000 articles on different blogging platforms, and when I – recently – did an analysis of everything I wrote over these five years, I discovered that only 20% of what I wrote was what was attracting visitors and popularity Hence the money. By narrowing my analyzes to those 20%, I was able to find out the reasons that made it more successful and attract visitors and profits than other articles. Based on these results, I was able to come up with two basic rules for writing content that brings you visitors and profits without effort.

In fact, these two rules are so easy that many people despise them and do not pay attention to them. Do you want to know these two rules?

brilliant …. Keep reading.

The two golden rules for writing fantastic content

First rule: write what you know.

Yes.. this is the first rule to write great content that brings visitors and profits.. to write with what you know.. this is your playground where you can move freely.

Sometimes I find this funny when I find most bloggers ignore this simple rule and wonder when they don’t succeed. The reason I strongly believe in this rule is the need to persevere in writing what you know, and only in this way compel your readers to follow what you write intimately, to enter your intellect and read your thoughts clearly. Also, only in this way can readers appreciate if you are a nugatory writer who just babbles or a writer to listen to and keep track of his pen.

Let’s talk about it as a vivid example.

I want to notify you first that I have read many books and articles on creating, entrepreneurship and e-marketing, and because I am enthusiastic and keen on everything related to (electronic entrepreneurship), I can very easily distinguish the difference between any article or book written by (an entrepreneur) Real and between (a professional writer) who is good at formulating his sentences and paragraphs. The professional writer tends to focus on general theories, or in a clearer sense, on things that do not require experience and mastery.

So I tend never to follow the (professional writer) versions because this model lacks real-world experience in the details of creating and entrepreneurship.

The same goes for your visitors.. they sniff your thoughts.. they feel intimate when they read your intellect through what you write, so you are much better when you talk approximately what you know.

For example, one of the most read articles on our blog (more than 3000 reads) is “ Transforming Traffic (Site Visitors) into Selling Opportunities ” and this is precisely what we do in Online Marketing .

So: Whether you want to build a successful blog, write content that you have a brilliant deal of knowledge about and intimacy to write about.

Rule number two: write when you are in an emotional state.

Provided you want to write content that brings visitors and thus profits, write when you are in an emotional state.. It is not intended here in an emotional state only to be in love, but write in all your hot emotional states, such as being sad, heartbroken, suffering from pain, ambition Tomorrow’s dreams, happy or sad.. but why? The reason is that readers feel your spirit and sincerity of emotion when the words are honest and from the heart.

I tell you sincerely that my most successful articles were those that talked about my dreams, my goals, my successes as well as my failures. Sometimes as a reflection of my life as an entrepreneur, sometimes I evoke the ups and downs, future plans and disappointments, the treachery and loss I’ve encountered in my work as well as the lessons I’ve learned. When I recall these moments in my reminiscence, I often have an emotional state, and sometimes tears in my eyes, and in one moment – and I am in this state – I turn to the computer, and my fingers play on the keyboard, to release my soul in honest moments, and I know very well that this is What will reach the readers. In such emotional essays I cry, curse, grumble, rejoice, and then share the lessons I have learned with others, and in them are my experiences. Believe me, these articles go viral on the Internet instantly as soon as you click on their release button.

The reason these articles go viral is that readers tend to feel my soul, because at this moment they know I am in the same situation they may have been in before, and through my writing my readers know that I am a human being of flesh and blood, of heart and soul, not a machine Hiding bum a computer, that’s why I invite you to write in an emotional state.

In conclusion, these are the two golden rules for creating great content that brings in tons of visitors and therefore thousands of dollars.. Now: do you have any other strategy that does the same for you? Or do you think that these two aforementioned rules are misplaced?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us through the comments box below, and I will be happy to get all comments, even whether they are opposite to my opinion, and with open arms.

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