5 tips to improve the visibility of your website on the Internet


Every minute, more than 500 new websites are created on the web, in addition to the billions that already exist. And when a new site is launched, the main challenge is getting visitors to visit the site. Search engines like Google are the leading engine of internet traffic, and provided you want to improve your site’s visibility, your site should rank higher in search results. Statistics show that nearly 60% of users click on the first 5 search results that Google shows, so getting the highest ranking in search results has become a top precedence for numerous companies nowadays.

There are 5 ways to make your website stand out at the top of search engine results:

  1. Post content that answers your customers’ questions

The popular saying that “content is king” is indeed true. The best way to improve your site’s visibility is by posting new content on a regular basis. This content should have real value and should answer users’ questions. Research by RBI shows that question-based searches have increased exponentially in recent years, due to the fact that search engines have become trusted sources for the right information.

If a search engine considers this page to be the best source for answering a question, it makes it to the top of the search engine results and places it in an answer box, which automatically gets the most clicks possible. For example, when typing “who is the ruler of Dubai” on Google, it will display the answers it deems most appropriate at the top of the page (in the answer boxes). In order to benefit from the higher-ranked answer box results, you need to discover user questions and improve your website performance accordingly.

  1. Use local content for your target audience

Translating your content is not enough whether you want to target an audience in another country. To better target the audience, it is fundamental that you make the content speak the dialect of that country using a native speaker of the dialect, particularly whether you are targeting an Arabic speaking audience. For example, the Word house has several versions in the Arabic language, for example in the United Arab Emirates it is used (house), and (dar) in the state of Morocco. And also for the names of cities that have different versions in Arabic. For example, Damascus can be written in another way like “the Levant” and Casablanca can be written “Casablanca”.

  1. Optimizing your site for long search terms

In search results for some sectors, such as banking, it can be difficult to rank broad terms in the highest rank on Google – for example “banker” or “loans”. It can be more effective when using Long Tail Searches. They are long phrases or sentences that ask particular questions in a big way.

When optimizing your website, your page title should contain the most important keywords and summarize what the page is about. Instead of using a generic title such as “Bank in the UAE” (Short Tail Keywords), use a more specific product and website (Long Tail Keywords) such as “Personal Banking in Dubai”. You can also use this technique in content content, where merging keywords or long-tail queries is relatively easier and appears in search automatically.

  1. Your site is compatible with mobile phones

Google has recently started indexing and ranking pages on its search engine based on mobile versions of websites instead of desktop versions, which will negatively impact non-mobile websites, as the update will further improve the ranking of mobile websites in search results. Compared to inappropriate sites. It is therefore necessary that the website be as mobile friendly as possible so that brands can ensure that their sites appear in search engine results. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world, so providing a mobile-friendly site will provide a better user experience and will ensure that visitors browse your site more.

  1. Use paid search to get instant exposure

It usually takes 2-3 months for a website to rank usually on Google. You can use a paid search service like Google Adwords, which enables your site to appear at the top of the ranking instantly. There is also a Pay Per Click service which is an online advertisement form used to direct visits to the site, which you can use to promote your site to get immediate results. Pay on Click service also helps you manage your budget and degree your return on investment easier. It also allows for specific geo-targeting (at the city level, for example, the ad will only be shown in Dubai) that gives you more control over how to target the correct audience.

There are no shortcuts to improving your website’s visibility on the Internet. It may take some time so you should be patient, and try to proactively meet user requirements and market fluctuations. In the long term, your business will grow and take your company to new heights of profitability, brand recognition and success.

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