Ace Editor with Livewire


Ace editor is an embeddable code editor written in JavaScript. It matches the features and performance of the original editors like Sublime, Vim, and TextMate. It can be easily integrated into any web page and JavaScript application. Ace is maintained as the core editor of the Cloud9 IDE and is a successor to the Mozilla Skywriter (Bespin) project.

Using the Ace, we can easily add a code editor inside of any application built with Laravel and Livewire.

Get the open source code

ACE is a community project. We actively encourage and support contributions! Ace source code is hosted on GitHub and released under the BSD license – very simple and friendly for all types of projects, whether they are open source or not. Take charge of your own editor and add your favorite language highlights and keyframes!

git clone portal:

Project Description

Ace is a code editor written in JavaScript, allowing you to edit HTML, PHP and JavaScript (and more) in a very natural way. Provides language highlighting, proper indentation, keyboard shortcuts, autocomplete, code folding, and search and replace (including regular expressions). Try an editor demo here.

This module integrates the Aceeditor into Drupal’s node/block editing models, to edit raw HTML, PHP, JS, etc… in a familiar way.

It supports:

  • Form editing node, including abstract
  • Blocks and Beans Edit Forms
  • Panels pane editor
  • Devel PHP Console

It also provides a display format, along with a text filter and an API for embedding and showing code snippets in your content.

Skywriter/Bespin and Ace started as independent projects that both aimed to create an uncompromising code editor component for the web. Bespin started as part of Mozilla Labs and was based on the <canvas> tag, while Ace is the Cloud9 IDE’s editor component and uses the DOM for rendering. After the release of Ace at 2010 in Berlin, the Skywriter team decided to integrate the Ace with a simplified version of the Skywriter plug-in system and some Skywriter extension points. All of these changes have now been incorporated back into Ace, which has replaced Skywriter. Cloud9 IDE and Mozilla are actively developing and maintaining Ace.

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