What is a Web Developer and Who is a Web Developer?


Here all what you need to know who is a web developer; or, what is a web developer.

The short answer to this question is:
They are in charge of creating and maintaining websites.

In other words, they literally shape how you interact with the internet.
Websites that want their consumers to have a good time need exceptional web developers, and they’re usually ready to pay a lot of money to obtain them.

A web developer’s responsibilities include the following:

  • Use a combination of markup languages to create web pages.
  • Produce high-quality prototypes and mockups.
  • Create a WordPress site from the ground up.
  • Understand HTML and content management systems.
  • Learn about user interfaces, user experiences, and usability.
  • Create websites and web-based apps that are both useful and appealing.
  • Maintaining and improving the website is your responsibility.

These are the most frequent criteria, although your duties and tasks will differ depending on your web development employment and speciality.

When it comes to web development specialty, there are three to be aware of:

  • The “frontend” refers to the “things” on a website that you see and interact with, such as menus, dropdowns, and so on.
  • Backend development: Think of the “backend” as the part of the iceberg that is beneath the surface. The website would not be able to function without it.
    The backend is responsible for servers, apps, databases, and so forth.
  • Full-stack development is when backend and frontend development are combined.

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