Tik Tok is testing a personalized shopping feed to highlight products


TikTok is testing a custom tab-shaped shopping feed that allows users to browse and buy products from a number of different categories, such as clothing and electronics.

With the platform’s owner, ByteDance, coming under increasing revenue pressure, it is expected to see more e-commerce integrations coming to TikTok very soon, as a way to capitalize on the major opportunity for the app.

The company confirmed that the feed is currently under testing in Indonesia. The Shopping Feed acts as a hub for products sold in the store , a shopping feature that enables merchants and content creators to display and sell products directly on the platform. The store is  currently available in select markets, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Screenshots of the new feed show that it appears next to the “Follow” and “For You” feeds on the app’s home screen.

The new feed includes a search bar along with different shopping categories, including beauty, womenswear, electronics, accessories, bags, kitchen, shoes, kids, office, bedding and more.

The screenshots show that the Shopping Feed includes perks, such as free shipping on select purchases. It also  includes a shopping cart icon in the top right and a menu in the bottom right that includes orders, messages, coupons, address and payment.

The Orders page is designed to help users keep track of their orders, shipments, and returns. The Coupons page displays used and unused coupons, along with a tab for invalid coupons.

In addition, the payment page allows you to manage billing information and add a credit or debit card. The purpose of the Messages tab is not clear. But it could potentially allow users to send messages to sellers about product information.

Tik Tok Trade highlights purchasable products

A TikTok spokesperson said: “We are always looking for ways to enhance our community experience and regularly test new features that inspire creativity, bring joy and innovate the TikTok experience. Shopping Feed is currently being tested in Indonesia. It acts as a hub for products sold in the Tik Tok store.

He added, “Brands have found Tik Tok a creative outlet to connect with the masses. We are excited to experience new trading opportunities that enable our community to discover and engage with what they love. But TikTok did not say if it plans to bring the shopping feed to more markets.

The new shopping feed on Tik Tok appears to be similar to the one on Instagram. The Meta-owned platform introduced the redesigned store tab in 2020.

Instagram described it as a place for users to browse products from brands and content makers. Under the Shopping tab, you can sort products by categories such as beauty and home, and then pay directly in the app.

The platform’s biggest goal with its shopping feed may be to challenge Facebook and Instagram. The launch of the Shopping Digest comes as the platform has expanded its investments in e-commerce over the past year

Last year, the platform began experimenting with shopping in the US, UK and Canada in partnership with Shopify.

The partnership allowed Shopify merchants with a TikTok account for businesses to add a shopping tab to their accounts within the platform and sync product lists with the app to create small storefronts.

The company also added live shopping in September 2021, allowing brands to communicate with users in real time and share dynamic links to products and services while streaming content live.

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