Brazil mulls making USB-C charging cable mandatory for iPhones


Brazilian telecoms organization Anatel has launched a public consultation on a proposal to make USB-C chargers mandatory for all smartphones sold in the country.

The European Union passed a law on the matter earlier this month, making USB-C mandatory for a range of electronic gadgets (including smartphones) by the end of 2024, and in the US some Democratic politicians are pushing for similar legislation.

Given that USB-C has become the default charging standard for new Android phones, such legislation will have the biggest impact on Apple, which still uses the iPhone’s Lightning standard.

It has long been rumored that Apple is testing USB-C devices for the iPhone, and it has already adopted this standard for many tablets and laptops.

In the same vein, Anatel says that the advantages of making USB-C mandatory are primarily reduced e-waste and increased convenience for customers.

It is worth noting that Anatel said that the public consultation will continue until August 26.

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