Facebook is revamping groups to look like Discord


Facebook announced that it’s bringing new features to Groups, including a channel feature that allows users to connect with each other in a simpler way, and if you’ve used Discord, the new approach should look very familiar.

Administrators can start creating channels of communication with groups with simple steps within the communities to have deeper discussions about common interests or organize their communities around topics in different formats:

  • Community Chat Channels: A place where people can message, collaborate, and build deeper relationships on topics in a more real-time way across both Facebook groups and Messenger.
  • Community Voice Channels: A feature where admins and members can enter and exit real-time voice chats across both Facebook and Messenger groups.
  • Community feed channels: A way to connect with community members when it’s convenient for them. Administrators can organize their communities around topics within the group so members can communicate about more specific interests.

Community chat channels can be used as a place for people to message, collaborate, and talk about specific topics in a more real-time way across Facebook and Messenger groups.

Once you’ve created a chat, you can name it and decide if you want it to be invite-only. When you join a chat, you can send messages and receive notifications. If the chat becomes full and you are inactive, you may have to rejoin.

Groups also show suggested Community Feed channels that you can join. Facebook notes that although community audio channels start with audio. But people can turn on the camera at any time.

Facebook Group Changes Inspired by Discord

Facebook also announced that it is testing a new sidebar that helps users find your favorite groups more quickly.

The sidebar lists your groups and recent activity within them, including new posts or chats you haven’t seen yet.

You also have the option to pin Favorite Groups to the top of the sidebar so they appear first. The sidebar also gives users the ability to discover new groups or create private groups.

Facebook is also improving how each group is organized with a new list, so you can jump right into what’s happening.

Within your group, you see a new menu that includes things like events, stores, and a variety of channels to make it easier to connect with others about topics that interest you.

The launch of the new features comes as Facebook recently introduced new features to help group admins keep communities safe, manage interactions, and reduce misinformation.

The company added an option for administrators to automatically reject incoming posts identified as containing error information by third-party auditors.

The groups have made headlines over the past few years. This came as a result of its increasing use by those looking to spread malicious content and false information. The new features are intended to address some of these issues and give administrators more control over the communities.

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