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HTC announced the HTC desire 22 pro for Metaverse, which doesn’t offer anything!


The Taiwanese company HTC announced the new HTC Desire 22 Pro, which it promoted as the first phone dedicated to Metaverse, but we do not find that a feature that makes it worthy of this title, it is just an average phone with specifications and price!

After an absence from the scene for years, the Taiwanese company HTC revealed the HTC desire 22 pro phone for metaverse, after hints and attempts to entice consumers and remind them that the company is still alive and intends to unveil a phone that will change the concepts of the game, as is the case in the Saga phone for Solana . Unfortunately, we do not find in this phone anything that links it to the metaverse or makes it bear this title, it is just an average device – despite the “Pro” title – with a traditional design, in other words, it is a “normal phone” that is not distinguished by any feature, and certainly cannot It’s categorized as a “metaverse phone” as HTC claims, but at least the specs it offers are commensurate with the price.

A quick look at what the HTC Desire 22 Pro has to offer

HTC Desire 22 Pro comes with a 6.6″ IPS LCD screen, 1,080 x 2,412 pixels resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, with a medium Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 (5G) chip with a 6nm manufacturing accuracy, with 128GB storage, accompanied by 8GB of memory The phone was provided with a battery with a capacity of 4,520 mAh with support for fast charging with a capacity of 18 watts only, in addition to support for wireless charging and reverse charging.

HTC phone for metaverse

As for the imaging system, the new HTC phone includes a triple imaging system that consists of a 65-megapixel (wide) main lens with an f/1.8 lens slot with PDAF autofocus support and another 13-megapixel (ultrawide) lens with an f/2.4 lens slot and an angle of view 118˚ and another 5 MP, f/2.4 aperture for depth sensing.

The upcoming HTC phone also supports IP67 water and dust resistance, and is available in either black or gold colours. The phone will be available for shipping on August 1, and is priced at $415.

Phone design: a mixture between the past and the present

HTC Desire 22 Pro comes with a traditional design from the back that we haven’t seen in years, where the rough surface of the back, which may prepare you that the back is removable, especially with those thick edges, we believe that the device is made entirely of plastic, but the company explained that the screen is supported With Corning Gorilla Glass.

As for the front, the HTC Metaverse phone comes with the usual design for contemporary smartphones, where the hole-punch camera design is on the left side, allowing the screen to take 82% of the body of the device, however, you will notice that the front edges are asymmetric.

HTC has put some special touches in the design of its phone. You will notice the golden frame that surrounds the rear cameras, as well as allocating the same color to the lock button on the right side of the phone.

HTC Desire 22 Pro

With these simple specs, HTC tries to convince you that this is the phone for Metaverse!

HTC Desire 22 Pro does not offer any feature that draws attention or makes it worthy of the title “Metaverse Phone”, but the Taiwanese company is trying to convince us of this and exploit a “digital trend” that may not be understood until now to bring it back into the competition with priority.

Break into the metaverse and unleash endless possibilities with improved performance, 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making virtual navigation quick and easy .

– The official description of the HTC phone for Metaverse via the company’s website

The company believes that the presence of fifth-generation networks, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support are sufficient reasons to break into metaviruses, and not what I initially guessed about the presence of a screen that supports the third dimension, perhaps, or an operating system that introduces you to virtual worlds.

But fortunately, it does not stop there, as the company announced that its new phone will support entry to Viverse, the company’s Metaverse version, in addition to integration with the company’s products dedicated to the virtual world, such as HTC VR glasses and Vive Flow VR. We don’t know any details about how to integrate with these products or how to even get into the company’s virtual world and can’t help but wait for more details to be revealed.

Buy HTC Desire 22 Pro and get a free NFT purchase

From here, it starts to draw a little attention, as the company explains, via the Taiwanese version of its website, that the HTC Desire 22 Pro supports storing NFT holdings via a digital wallet called “Vive Wallet” that it comes with that supports storing assets and digital currencies, ethereum and Polygon. Not only that, but you’ll also get a free NFT acquisition with the purchase of the phone, with the caveat that this offer is only valid in some places which we believe will be Taiwan.

HTC Desire 22 Pro Digital Wallet Support

This makes the HTC phone for Metaverse not only a regular phone that supports cryptocurrency, and if the company mentioned that it is dedicated to the third generation of the Internet, it would have made more sense, as we saw in the Saga phone.

Conclusion: It may be a good phone, but it has nothing to do with metaviruses

HTC Desire 22 Pro aside and focus on the specs it offers with the design and price, the new HTC phone may be good for normal use, especially since we have missed the Taiwanese company for years and we think its return to the competition is very welcome. But HTC still clearly lacks the proper management and marketing of its products, as well as misnaming its phone unnecessarily as “Pro”.

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