Khaby Lame is now on the throne of TikTok 

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Senegalese satirical content creator Khaby Lame has become the new king of the most popular short video platform TikTok , officially ascending the throne of the most-followed ever on Tik Tok with more than 142.8 million followers (June 2022), surpassing Charlie D’Amelio of the American so-called Some have been dubbed the queen of Tik Tok, who currently has 142.3 million followers.

And the fame of 22-year-old Khaby Lame began from Tik Tok, as he was famous for making fun of people who complicate simple tasks, while ending videos with a movement expressing that with his hands, which is now circulating on the Internet, and the period of social separation and work from home was a factor. Positively in the growth in the popularity of the content provided by Xabi Lam, who also has more than 78.3 million followers on Instagram, as well as his appearance with the most famous public figures, including the famous football star Messi, Barcelona legend and the current Paris Saint-Germain player, has contributed to his increase in popularity.

Xabi Lam became the most followed person on TikTok, overtaking Charlie D’Amelio

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And Khaby Lam had crossed the 100 million followers barrier on TikTok earlier last August 2021, and said at the time that he would continue to do more to achieve his dreams, adding that he was aware of the importance of relying on the community of followers to encourage continuity, and for whom he expressed his thanks to them. .

Khaby Lame said that his sources of inspiration included the American actor who won the Oscar for this year 2022 and Will Smith in the comedy series The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, in addition to the American actor Eddie Murphy and the French actor Omar Sy, and about his best videos, Lam said in a previous interview that He doesn’t have a favorite video of his own, as he said he loves all of his videos and they all make him feel proud.

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