Twitter announces Notes feature for posting long articles 

Twitter announces Notes feature for posting long articles 

Twitter has officially announced the Notes feature that allows tweeters to publish long articles directly via Twitter, a feature that it began testing with a limited number of writers and in many countries around the world for readers, and Twitter said that it is testing the Notes feature now with the aim of developing and enhancing its features before providing it for all users.

How does the notes feature in Twitter work?

Twitter users can access the new Notes feature from the side menu, in order to write or publish a new article, which is the article that can be up to 2500 words in length and its title is up to 100 characters, with the ability to add links, format texts, add images and tweets within articles or notes in Twitter. , then publish the notes in a tweet so that it appears as a card that includes the title of the article or note, its link, and the main images, and the user only has to click on the note link in any tweet to read directly through Twitter.

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The user can edit long articles in Twitter after they are published

Twitter said that every article that the user publishes through the new Notes feature gets a special link that can be shared, whether within a tweet or direct message, or even externally with everyone through various communication and messaging applications, and Twitter also confirmed that the user will be able to modify notes or articles after Its publication, with the appearance of a notice to the reader that the writer made modifications to the article after publication, and abandoning tweets with a maximum of 280 characters, Twitter said that it does not plan to do so at all, but the notes feature provides a new way for writers to express.

Twitter’s rules for reporting violations of the Posting Terms apply to notes on Twitter, and they also apply to tweets, in addition to the ability to protect the user’s notes that he publishes via Twitter if he chooses to have his account private or protected from settings.

The Twitter Notes feature is now available beta for a limited number of writers and in a group of countries for readers, to be available to all users later with improvements based on user suggestions and comments on the feature, and the launch of the new feature that Twitter has opposed its launch for many years will give users a way Better for posting long texts rather than threads.

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