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To play and earn money at the same time, what do you know about Play to earn games? How can you try it now?!


Play to earn games have spread in the recent period, and they are one of the trends of the third generation of the web, and contrary to what parents think that games are just a waste of time.. this type comes to bring you a material income based on NFT collectibles!

“Earn money while you play” is an attractive idea launched by a new breed of Blockchain-based games and NFT collectibles called “Play to Earn” games, transforming the gaming world into a business that players can profit from. The gamer audience, where it achieved profits of more than two billion dollars last year, so what are these games and do they provide real gains to the players or do they sell the illusion?

Play to Earn games are simply a type of video game based on Blockchain technology. These games combine two things that anyone craves: fun and profit. They provide players with the opportunity to earn money while doing what they love by converting all the in-game items into Digital assets “NFTs” that players can own and sell in digital markets for cryptocurrency or real money, some people prefer to hold the earned currency and sell it after a while, waiting for its value to rise, this is similar to investing in regular cryptocurrency.

And the outbreak of the new Corona virus helped attract players from all over the world to these games, where they can sit in their homes protected from the virus, play a nice game and even earn money from it!

Games have always been based on the idea of ??making a profit, but in the normal case it is an in-game profit that helps you improve your level in it or acquire new skills, but what is unique about Play to earn games is that the profit you will make here is a material profit and not just money that can only be used to buy The “skins” inside the games

Whether you’re excited about this new generation of games or not, the fact that it’s the future that promises the third generation of the web cannot be ignored , prompting Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA to declare that NFT games and Play-to-earn games are the future of the gaming industry!

We also saw the famous French company Ubisoft announcing the ” Ubisoft Quartz ” project, which can be described as a platform that supports collecting NFT collectibles within the company’s famous games, where players in Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be able to access these collectibles once they pass the fifth level. The first in-game collectibles are expected to be revealed on December 9, 12, and 15.

Ubisoft Quartz

The profits are real but you won’t get rich overnight

Although some players in countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines were able to earn monthly profits that amounted to many times their salaries while playing the games, and these games helped them support and take care of their families; However, this would not have been possible with all games unless one devote many hours of his day to playing, the more you play, the greater your share of profit, that is, you will earn but if you are planning to get rich quick then Play to Earn games are not the right choice for you, so don’t We want you to raise your winning expectations unless you are willing to sacrifice many hours of your day just playing games.

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The relationship between Play to Earn games and the pyramid scheme

Perhaps the biggest criticism of Play to Earn games is that they are very similar to the “Ponzi” or pyramid scheme, as these games depend – albeit to varying degrees – on new players, in order for players to continue to earn new money must be injected into the game and until the assets are sold There must be someone to buy it, so some analysts believe that Play to Earn games will not be sustainable if the number of new players does not equal or exceed the number of players leaving them, meaning that continuing to attract more players in the long term is a huge challenge Otherwise, this industry will not be successful and sustainable.

Problems you may encounter when you start playing Play to Earn games

losing the fun of playing

The rush to make money from Play to Earn games makes players in a competitive situation that forgets the fun of playing, in this case the game turns into work and fun into a routine and if the player does not earn the profits that he expects from this game he will not feel satisfied and in many cases he will leave playing.

In some Play to earn games you will need to have an NFT before starting to play

One thing to keep in mind is that not all Play to Earn games are free and allow you to play without paying money, as some games require players to purchase digital assets before starting to play, and even in games where you will not need to pay money before starting, you will find yourself during the game having to To pay for features and upgrades for profit.

Normal volatility in the value of the NFT

Because NFTs are speculative digital assets whose value depends on people’s appreciation of them, their value can change from hour to hour, and this will affect both the player and the popularity of this game; When the value of the digital assets owned by the player decreases, they can lose and may end up leaving the game, so do not spend or invest only what you can afford to lose.

Do you know?

The former owner of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, managed to sell his first tweet on the platform as an NFT acquirer for $48 million, but when the owner tried to sell it again, he only got a bigger bid than $29!

You may fall victim to fraud in Play to earn games

Like any digital investment, NFT games involve risks, the worst of which is fraud. There are always those who take advantage of some people’s lack of knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, how to trade and the correct buying and selling methods, so we recommend that you pay attention and treat the digital assets you own or earn with the same caution that you deal with your bank accounts.

Best and most popular play to earn games in 2022

What’s the point of talking about a type of game without suggesting examples to try? That is why we have decided to collect for you the best Play to earn games available as of the date of this article. All the options available are completely free, but you will need to purchase items within them to be able to improve your level, you will also need to create a crypto wallet, we recommend you to use Metamask .

A quick overview of the Metamask wallet

It is the easiest way to create a crypto wallet, it supports the storage of almost all cryptocurrencies as well as NFT holdings, and it works as a downloadable extension for browsers, or an app for Android and iOS, but due to its great popularity, it is also a target for hackers, you should be careful and make sure not to share Your wallet data is with everyone.

Axie Infinity

With 2.8 million daily users and a total trading volume of $3.8 billion, Axie Infinity has become one of the dominant games in the market, a Pokémon-inspired video game where players can collect, breed and sell digital cartoon creatures called Axies, and build an army of them to fight other players and overcome them.

It is worth noting that this game may be the most famous in the field of Play to earn games and is popular in countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia, where players keep it to support their families financially. “Axie scholarships” programs such as those offered by Yield Guild Games have also appeared, allowing Axie owners to loan their NFTs to other players

Games play to earn: Axie Infinity

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an open platform for the gamers community that enables content creators to monetize via virtual world games based on Blockchain. It allows users to create, build, sell and buy digital assets. You can simply create a game and sell it, but the most expensive resource is digital land that you can rent For other users, the currency used to transact in-game is SAND.

Play to earn: Sandbox . games


The list of the best Play to earn games would not be complete without Decentraland . In this virtual world, users buy plots of land that they can then move around, build on and monetise. We mention that after American rappers Snoop Dogg and Paris Hilton purchased private plots, the demand for land increased. Buying As the price of neighboring lands rose, MANA is the main currency in the game.

Games play to earn: Decentraland

Zed Run

Zed Run is a Play to earn horse racing game where players can breed different horses and upgrade them to become stronger. These horses race and the winner earns the rewards. Each of these horses represents an NFT digital asset that can be bought or sold to other players on the platform. Users can also breed new horses or upgrade them to make them stronger. Zed Run does not have its own cryptocurrency as the trading within this game takes place in Ethereum.Zed Run

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a tactical card game in which players strategically outperform their opponents by equipping their own combinations of cards and every time the player wins, he gets experience points. Once the experience bar is full, the player moves to the next level, and a new set of cards is added to their existing deck.

Play to earn: Gods Unchained games


Illuvium is a fantasy open-world combat game that is the first RPG based on the Ethereum Blockchain, and offers a set of features that make it a favorite of many. The game is based on collecting creatures and NFT collectibles and includes science fiction. The game was released on PC and Mac in 2022



Sorare is an excellent choice for football fans, it offers the user the experience of building and managing football teams that compete with each other where each player represents a digital asset that can be bought and sold, and it is important to focus that the performance of any player can affect the entire team as in real football, The currency used in this game is Ethereum.


Alien Worlds

In Alien Worlds , people turn to the metaphysics in search of an alternative planet to Earth and set out on space trips to explore the galaxy. Each plot of land on other planets is a digital asset that can be bought and sold. This game offers more than 2,000 digital plots.


Because a large group of players are fans of car racing, they should have a share in the winning games, so the game that best meets their needs is RaceFi , an integrated car racing game that spins in the game’s metaverse and built on the Solana ecosystem, winnings can be achieved by winning races , or owning special in-game collectibles, the official in-game currency is RACEFI.

Conclusion..Play to earn games may be the future but

With more than 1,300 play to earn games released every month, retaining users over time will be a critical challenge, as players can move on to new games in the blink of an eye, so that the uptake of these games is not short-lived and the gaming experience is not distorted by Focusing on making money only, these games will need to meet the needs of players in the long run by finding a balance between providing opportunities to earn and enjoy while playing, and most importantly that playing always remains a priority and not earning.

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