Apple announces mixed reality glasses in January 2023


Apple is likely to announce its mixed reality headset, which offers a mix of augmented and virtual reality experiences, in January 2023, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The latest release date forecast was shared in a new note looking at areas of growth in the VR eyewear industry.

The new memo specifically looks at how the industry will change in the coming months as Meta has to deal with rival Apple in virtual reality glasses.

Koo argues that Meta has been the basis for the growth of the VR industry over the past few years, selling VR goggles at a lower price.

Koo says the VR industry has matured so much that Meta’s withdrawal won’t hurt the industry. Instead, Meta, which is reducing its investment in VR hardware, is benefiting other VR goggle makers as the industry expands.

In addition, the huge potential demand in the Chinese market and Apple’s mixed reality glasses likely to be announced in January 2023 helps sustain¬† the rapid growth of the virtual reality glasses sector.

That date comes ahead of schedule compared to Koe’s predictions earlier this month. It was believed that Apple’s mixed reality headset could be launched in 2022. But it’s clear that hardware and software setbacks mean that the company needs more development time.

Kuo’s latest predictions about Apple glasses

The analyst also expects Meta to back off its investment in VR hardware in the near term as it refocuses on its advertising business.

Advertising supported by the Facebook social network is the cause of Meta’s problems. This is thanks in part to the iPhone app tracking transparency privacy policy.

For Apple, Kuo says, Apple is a game-changer in the headset industry. Although , she emphasized her focus on augmented reality. But I think its support for mixed reality for video can also provide an excellent immersive experience. As a result, its launch of the Mixed Reality Glasses boosts the demand for immersive gaming and entertainment.

The analyst goes on to describe the headset as the most sophisticated product Apple has ever designed. Kuo expects Apple ‘s competitors to imitate the design of its mixed reality glasses and push the entire industry forward as a result.

These expectations coincide with a lot of moves regarding glasses. The company’s board of directors reportedly tried out the glasses in early May.

References to the RealityOS operating system have also appeared in code and trademark applications. The company’s CEO recently touted upcoming announcements regarding augmented reality.

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