Twitter partners with Shopify to bring merchants’ products


As part of its ongoing efforts to expand into e-commerce, Twitter has announced a new partnership with Shopify .

The deal sees Twitter launch a sales channel app that is made available to all Shopify merchants in the US through its App Store.

The app allows merchants to join Twitter’s Shopping Manager , the social media company’s dashboard where sellers can access product listing tools and enable other accounts’ shopping features.

The news comes on the heels of recent launches of shopping-related features from the social media company, including Product Drops, and its previous launches for mobile storefronts and direct shopping.

Meanwhile, Shopify says requests through partner integrations, such as Twitter, quadrupled in the first quarter of 2022.

Merchants can use the new Sales Channel app to link their Twitter account to their Shopify account. Next comes setup via Twitter’s Shopping Manager and other free tools designed for professionals.

This includes the platform’s launch of a new feature called Location Spotlight, which allows local businesses in the US, Canada, UK and Australia to view information, such as street address, contact information and business hours, directly through the account.

Currently, merchants can enable either Twitter Stores, Shop Spotlight, or Location Spotlight. But the company is working to give merchants the option to enable more than one of these features at the same time.

After connecting accounts via Shopify and Twitter, merchants can use the new app to sync product listings with Twitter. This saves time and effort. As your Shopify list changes, it syncs with the Twitter Shopping Manager.

Twitter makes it easy to advertise what you sell through your account page

The sales channel makes it easy to meet customers wherever they are. While automatic synchronization helps save a lot of time. The sales channel makes it possible to connect the two platforms to sell products and interact with customers easily.

When inventory is synced, merchants can use Stories and Shop Spotlight features to help customers discover products on the social platform and make purchases.

These transactions are made via the merchant’s website. Twitter says its stores and Shop Spotlight are now out of beta testing and available to all US merchants.

“Reaching potential customers where they are is critical to the success of Shopify merchants,” Shopify said. Twitter is where conversations happen, and the relationship between conversations and commerce is vital. Launching the sales channel allows merchants to seamlessly bring commerce into the conversations they have across the platform.

The platform sees the potential to bring more e-commerce brands to it, as these same companies make up a large part of the advertiser base across the platform.

As the company explained last year, it aims to help people buy things through it as this also helps advertisers find their customers and continue to have those relationships.

In contrast to Meta’s e-commerce efforts, where many in-app shopping transactions are done using the Meta Pay payment system, the micro-blogging platform directs users’ clicks to brands’ websites.

However, Meta has a more sophisticated e-commerce strategy, giving stores a dedicated tab in the Instagram app. Twitter Stores aren’t focused in this way, as they are on the platform’s accounts for individual businesses.

The company highlighted the potential of e-commerce when it noted that there will be 6.5 billion tweets referring to businesses across its platform in 2021.

Its users have conversations about brands and products. As a result, allowing these customers to complete the transaction via Twitter is the logical next step.

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