WhatsApp is testing some giant animated heart emoji


In terms of animated emojis, WhatsApp is still light years behind Telegram.WhatsApp introduced a large animated “beating” heart emoji to some iOS users in a beta test back in January. However, the feature was disabled within a few weeks of this test for reasons best known to the company.

Meanwhile, Android users who have been waiting for this feature to launch for months will be pleased to know that it is in development for their devices as well.

As the source published this feature, it is currently in implementation and has not yet reached the beta testing stage. Users who use this feature will have an animation of all heart emoji characters, regardless of their color. To display the animation.

It is currently unknown if the heart emoji animation will be re-released on iOS devices.

What's Up

WhatsApp began working on these animation changes for iOS last December. At the moment, only the red heart emoji is bigger and has the advantage of moving.

However, WhatsApp’s competitor, Telegram, is far ahead in emoji reactions and sticker creation with a wide range of animated reactions on display.

Telegram also offers support for converting regular videos into posters via any video editing software. Moreover, Telegram Premium launched exclusive stickers with animations and a set of 10 new emoji reactions. By comparison, WhatsApp is only getting started in the animated emoji sphere and you can count how many stickers you’ve got on hand.

To be fair with WhatsApp, it recently introduced some improvements to conference calls as well as better privacy controls.

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