iOS 16 will help you bypass the most annoying things on the Internet


Apple continues to work on launching the new update of its operating system, iOS 16, which will be in the next iPhone 14, as the system has been enhanced with improvements and new features, some of which were revealed in beta versions of the system.

Apple first revealed some of the features of iOS 16 at the WWDC 2022 event for developers, and began explaining them to people and companies developing applications in order to work on improving their applications on the system and take advantage of updates.

According to a report published by BGR, Apple’s upcoming operating system will include a smart feature that will help users bypass the human verification tools known as CAPTCHA, which websites use in order to determine whether a visitor is a real user or just a bot that may cause them harm.

ios 16

Captcha codes are one of the most annoying things for users when using the Internet, in many times the user has to decipher them, whether letters, images, or any form of response to prove the truth of the human user.

The report indicated that the new system feature will be able to bypass captcha codes without user intervention completely automatically.

He pointed out that the feature will not work completely on all sites or all forms of CAPTCHA, while it will be able to solve many types, which will reduce the inconvenience of users and provide sites with the confirmation they need.

Apple is said to have come up with the ability to decipher characters by collaborating with companies Cloudflare and Fastly to develop automatic verification, which provides sites with services to defend against attempts to hack, pull data or send spam links in comments on sites’ content.

It may not stop CAPTCHAs entirely, but it should at least ease them when using iOS 16 while also pointing out that Cloudflare and Fastly are the most popular online services, i.e. there will actually be a benefit to the user by reducing the annoyance of investigation codes.

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