Cisco unveils suite of innovations that will provide a new cloud security strategy


Cisco, a leading provider of enterprise networking and security solutions, has revealed its plan to offer a global, integrated, cloud-based platform that connects and protects companies of any type or size. The company designs Cisco Security Cloud to be the industry’s most open platform, fortifying the integrity of the entire IT ecosystem without having to rely on the public cloud.


“With the increasing complexity of the hybrid business model, the ever-accelerating pace of cloud adoption, and with ever-evolving threats, companies are looking for a trusted partner that can help them achieve security resilience,” said Jitu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager Security and Collaboration at Cisco. “We are confident that Cisco is uniquely positioned with its broad reach, diverse solutions, and cloud-neutral business model that meet their needs. Cisco is enforcing the core principles of our cloud vision, and we look forward to accelerating innovation to deliver a true vision for Cisco’s cloud security solution.”


The cloud security solution will provide an integrated experience to securely connect users and devices everywhere with applications and data wherever they are. Through unified management, the open platform will provide critical capabilities to prevent, detect, respond to, and remediate threats at scale. Cisco has been on its journey into cloud security for some time now, making further progress with its new innovations in its security portfolio.


secure access


In its efforts to lead the following Zero Trust technologies, Cisco is building solutions that enable sustainable and reliable physical access by continuously verifying user and device identity, device status, vulnerabilities and indicators of penetration. These intelligent checks take place in the background, allowing the user to operate continuously without security being a hindrance. Cisco offers simpler risk-based authentication methods, including Wi-Fi fingerprinting, a patent-pending technology that is an effective model without compromising user privacy.


To assess risks after users sign in, Cisco builds Session Trust Analysis using open common signals and events criteria to share information between solution providers. Cisco unveiled the first integration of this technology with a presentation entitled “Cisco Secure Access” with the participation of Duo and Box.

Box CEO and co-founder Aaron Levy said: “The security threat landscape is evolving faster than ever before. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Cisco and providing customers with a powerful new tool that enables them to keep pace with changes in the risk landscape more efficiently and in real time. We expect to see more innovation and implementation capabilities from Box and Cisco to help companies protect their content across any website, app or device.”

Safe edge solution 

With the aim of simplifying the ways of communication between different companies and protecting users, things and applications regardless of their location, Cisco is pleased to announce the launch of Cisco+ Secure Connect Now, a unified solution for the SASE service feature. The solution is a ready-to-use offering available in many countries, allowing customers to quickly implement SASE and facilitating day-to-day operations via a cloud-managed platform. The subscription which is a service has been optimized to ensure additional value and to be managed via a unified settings panel.

Cisco has unparalleled networking and security capabilities in terms of service scope and coverage, which is why Telefonica Tech has added Cisco’s suite of secure access solutions to its portfolio.

Rams Sroot, Director of Cyber ​​Security, Cloud Products and Services at Telefonica Tech commented: “As more companies move towards adopting work approaches based on enhancing flexibility in working from the office or home and enabling employees to get their work done wherever they are, we affirm our commitment to helping those “Businesses are meeting the growing demand for secure, high-performance connectivity services. Together with Cisco, we will offer customers an innovative manageable service that combines SD-Branch and Cisco SASE solutions to address the full range of next-generation connectivity situations, subnet security, and employees working from the office or home.”

Safe Operations

Cisco today launches a new Talos Intel On-Demand service that conducts customized research on threats to every business. To help speed up incident detection and response, Cisco announced additional improvements to its Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics service with its ability to automatically generate alerts on the SecureX platform and link them to the MITER ATT&CK platform. This comes after the availability of the SecureX device insights feature that contributes to collecting, correlating and normalizing data related to devices within their presence, and integrating the Kenna and Secure Endpoint service to better identify the priority security vulnerabilities. Designed to make working from the office or home easier, Cisco introduced the Secure Firewall 3100 Series, a new cryptographic engine that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect hidden threats.


Cisco offers portfolio-wide simplification with its new, unified platform, Secure Client. By simplifying how administrators and users manage endpoints, half of Cisco Secure Agents’ endpoint intrusion prevention systems, including AnyConnect, Secure Endpoint and Umbrella, will be standardized by mid-2022 with new systems being added in the future. This follows the launch of the new Secure Firewall Management Center that is enabled by the Cisco Defense Orchestrator and combines on-premises and cloud firewall management processes. 

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