New privacy settings arrive on WhatsApp: You can now hide your last seen only from whoever you want


Privacy settings diversified and personal privacy settings added to the app. WhatsApp began working on a new privacy setting last year that would allow users to hide their profile pictures, last seen, and information about specific people in their contact lists.

Availability was limited as it was in beta, but the company finally announced that it is now available to all users around the world on iPhone and Android devices.

So far, you’ve only had three privacy options for your profile picture, and the last time it was seen, it had the following options “Everyone, my contacts and nobody.”

Now a fourth option has been added to these options, called “Except…”, which can also be used for case privacy.

New privacy settings arrive on WhatsApp: you can now hide your last seen only from whoever you want

Now you can hide your information to anyone you want

As the name suggests, the new option lets you show your WhatsApp profile picture, last seen and information about people other than the people you’ve excluded, but it’s worth noting that if you don’t share your last seen with others, you won’t. Being able to see their information as well as read receipts.

To try out this new privacy control, you can go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy Menu on iPhone and Android devices.

WhatsApp also announced several group calling features that allow users to mute others and send messages to specific contacts during a group call.

In addition, you’ll see a new notification when someone joins the conference call. Additionally, in chat groups, admins can now activate admin-approved purchases if they wish.

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