Telegram announces the launch of the paid service Telegram Premium with exclusive features


Earlier this month, the popular instant messaging platform Telegram confirmed that it is working on a “ Premium ” service that will be available soon.

Now, Telegram Premium is available to users all over the world, so people can now pay for faster downloads and other additional features.

Telegram has now reached 700 million monthly active users. Telegram believes that a Premium subscription will help the app become better and more popular, while also offering exclusive features to those who decide to subscribe to the Premium service .

What distinguishes the paid service from Telegram?

One of the most important features of Telegram Premium is the support for larger files. Currently, any Telegram user can send and receive files up to 2 GB. With Telegram Premium , that limit doubles to 4GB, which is enough to upload 1080p video or 4K videos. Although only Premium subscribers can upload 4GB files, anyone can download and open these files.

As for file uploads, Telegram Premium users will get faster upload and download speeds than regular users.

Telegram Premium also doubles the limits when it comes to groups, channels, pinned chats, public links, and saved GIFs.

For example, each user subscribed to the service will be able to join up to 1,000 groups and channels instead of 500, while the maximum saved GIFs range from 200 to 400.

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