Microsoft security update protects your device from dangerous vulnerabilities


Microsoft has announced that it has released an important security update from a security point of view for users of its Windows operating systems, and users should update the system as soon as possible on all desktop computers.

A number of Windows system puppets were recently exposed to a security threat during the recent period after the spread of a virus capable of taking over sensitive data from their devices without realizing it. The Windows Defender security application was unable to stop it.

Don’t wait to install the June Windows Update

Where a report was published that many users were exposed to the security threat of the virus known as Follina, which exploits a vulnerability in the Microsoft system that makes it easily bypass protection and access sensitive data stored for users, whether banking transactions and online purchases, if you are one of those who save bank card data through the device .

According to reports , citing cybersecurity experts, the seriousness of the Follina vulnerability was that hackers could access and control computer operating systems remotely as well.

In an attack documented by security firm Proofpoint , hackers linked to the Chinese government sent malicious Word documents to users. When opened, these documents use a Follina to control Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) exploit to execute commands that can be used to install software, create new user accounts, and access, delete, or change data stored on your computer. The vulnerability has also been used in phishing campaigns targeting US and European government agencies.

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