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A quick look at the first discrete graphics processor from Intel.. Raising the ceiling of the capabilities of the mid-range!


Intel recently revealed its intention to enter the graphics processor market, by announcing the launch of the Intel ARC series of graphics processors entirely developed by Intel. Intel began launching this series in the Chinese market, starting with the Arc A380 graphics processor based on the Intel Xe HPG graphics architecture. The A380 GPU demonstrated performance that rivals economical graphics processors from NVIDIA and AMD.

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Technical Specifications of Intel Discrete Graphics Processor

On June 15, 2022 Intel announced the launch of its first graphics processor in China, which is based on its high-performance Intel Xe HPG graphics architecture. Intel introduced the Arc A380 graphics processor as a target for gamers and content creators.

This graphics processor is built on the Intel Xe HPG architecture and comes with 8 Xe cores, 8 ray tracing units, and 128 XMX graphics engines. The new graphics processor comes with a base speed of 2 GHz and 6 GB of random memory of the type GDDR6 at a speed of 15.5 gigabits per second with a bandwidth of up to 192 gigabits per second.

This processor supports a number of advanced technologies such as ray tracing technology and VRS technology to improve performance. The A380 also supports 4 screens running at the same time. The power consumption of this new GPU is only 75W, which means that it will be very energy efficient, and we will not have problems with overheating while working.

Intel has released a new driver update for its graphics processors version in preparation for the launch of the A380 graphics processor. This definition is for Intel integrated graphics processors, and will also include Arc series graphics processors. It is expected that Intel will soon announce the launch of a new discrete graphics processor in the economy class A300, with the number A310. However, we are still looking forward to the flagship processors from Intel, which will be in the A500 and A700 series. This new processor was launched in the Chinese market at CNY 1,030, and it is expected to be launched globally at about $134.

The performance

Intel provided a number of performance trials of the A380 discrete GPU compared to other GPUs. Intel compared the performance of its new GPU with the AMD RX 6400 graphics processor, which is 15% higher in price than the A380. According to what was revealed by Intel, the A380 graphics processor was able to achieve higher performance than its competitor, at a display resolution of 1080 pixels, and these are the results of some games that were tested on the two processors, in which the Intel processor outperformed and provided higher performance in the following proportions:

  • 27% in Naraka: Bladepoint.
  • 26% in F1 2021.
  • 24% in Rust.
  • 22% in The Withcer 3.
  • 21% in Arcadegeddon.
  • 18% in Metro Exodus.
  • 16% of the NiZhan game.
  • 15% in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.
  • 14% in Destiny 2.

By comparing these numbers with the price of the two processors, it can be said that the A380 graphics processor achieves 25% higher performance per Chinese yuan. In the following picture, the performance of the processor in terms of the number of frames with the most popular games, at 1080 resolution.

Despite this competitive performance in relation to the economical pricing of this processor, the A380 represents just the beginning of the Intel GPU series. It is expected that Intel will develop its processors over time to compete in the market with its full strength against the giants Nvidia and AMD.

Intel has already revealed a number of revolutionary technologies in its new graphics processor, which have long been limited to the leading and advanced graphics processors from Nvidia and AMD, such as ray tracing technology and VRS technology, and as Intel usually in its integrated graphics processors, this new processor also comes with Intel technology. Deep Link.

Intel stated that this technology will provide a 30% increase in performance. This technology also provides a significant improvement in video editing performance by approximately 60%, according to Intel, as it works by integrating the Intel Arc graphics processor and the Intel integrated graphics processor in the central processor.

What is Intel Deep Link Technology?

This technology offers a significant increase in performance when using Intel graphics processors with their main processors. It optimizes the power distribution between the central processor and the graphics processor according to the type of operation the user is performing to maximize performance.

How will the market be affected by the Intel Arc A380 processor

The GPU market is experiencing an inflated state of prices, with a shortage of parts. This problem appeared with the beginning of the Corona pandemic in 2019. Experts believe that the problem resulted from two reasons; Increased demand for graphics cards due to shutdowns causing people to stay home and playing video games, and reduced production due to fewer working days and fewer factory workers.

Major manufacturers of graphics cards, such as Nvidia and AMD, tried to launch large numbers of old cards in the market to solve this crisis, but the number of cryptocurrency miners also increased as a result of the trend to work from home, which increased the pressure in a great way on the graphics card market.

With the end of the Corona crisis, graphics cards began to be gradually available in the market, but the price hike crisis remained. Therefore, Intel decided to enter the market with new economic cards to solve the crisis. Indeed, Intel launched the A380 as its first graphic card, at a price that will not exceed approximately $150 in the global market. And the impact of this launch will not be limited to providing cheaper alternatives, but in turn will affect other companies; The competition is no longer limited to Nvidia and AMD only. In response to Intel’s launch of this card, we are expected to see the production of a number of economy cards that offer modern features and technologies at lower prices.

In other words, the focus will increase in the coming period on offering economical graphics cards that offer “value for money”, which will benefit us users in the first place. Therefore, we expect a boom in the graphics processor market during the coming period, especially in the economic category.

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