Another data scandal from Tik Tok! Staff can see the US information


Despite the Senate’s decision, TikTok allowed its employees to see the information of users in the United States with its new regulations. Tik Tok, which has been one of the focal points of tension between America and China over allegations of data theft in recent years, has made another scandalous decision.

With the leak of meetings held by Tik Tok employees , many confidential information about the company’s inner workings was revealed.

According to the newly published report, the company’s employees have access to the information of US users.

TikTok stated that despite all the accusations against it of data theft, the data is always stored in the USA.

Last October, a senior TikTok official made a statement to the US Senate about who could see user data. However, according to the latest information, people who are outside the sworn statement can also see user data.

According to another claim, some Chinese engineers can access all the data in the name of “Master Admin”, unlike the legal rights and privacy policy defined by TikTok.

Another data scandal from Tik Tok! Staff can see the US information

Could the data war between America and China flare up again

China, which has accumulated a large share of big data thanks to the social media apps and games it has produced in the past 10 years, has a huge advantage against the United States.

As a result, lawsuits over the big data crisis erupted in America.

According to the statement from TikTok, data saved in America was never passed on to employees in China. Claiming that its employees in China or America cannot access this data on their own, TikTok also stated that they have never given such permission to their employees.

In response to the published report, TikTok spokeswoman Maureen Shanahan said: “We know we are among the most scrutinized platforms for security, and we aim to remove all doubts about the security of user data in the United States. That’s why we work with experts, independent third-party companies to test our security measures.”

Wanting to make a strong impression behind his speech, TikTok stated that they had changed the methods of storing data on their servers in America and Singapore and had begun the process of moving them to data centers operated by Oracle. With the transfer of data to the Oracle cloud servers complete, it is expected that the data on the master servers will be deleted.

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