Instagram is hiding real likes and views


Instagram is now taking another step to remove information as the platform’s Reels focus only on likes and views.

An upcoming feature leaker shared early that Instagram may soon be hiding the number of likes and views on Reels.

Recently, Instagram worked to fix the problem of many users viewing the same story over and over again. If you are still experiencing this problem, you can get rid of it by updating the app.

Reels, one of the most popular features on Instagram at the moment, is playing a leading role on Instagram, but some people are criticizing the company for showing likes and views of Reels.

As people always love the video, which already has a lot of likes, just by the way it influences.

As a result, this reduces the chance of other better videos appearing, but it seems that this problem will disappear soon.


Instagram officials also confirmed the new feature

According to the leaker’s tweet , Instagram is working on new functionality to hide Reels’ likes and viewers’ opinions. This feature has been approved by Instagram officials, including Mark Zuckerberg.

It is currently unknown when this feature will arrive, but Instagram is currently testing it. However, the feature is expected to be available to the public soon.

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