Are Instagram stories repeated? Meta is already working on a fix


What is the problem with Instagram stories?

The problem seems to be that Instagram forgets where you left off when watching someone’s story, according to  The Verge.

In most cases, when users post a new story, their friends see the photo or video before moving on to the next person’s story.

If one of your friends has five stories and you look at four of them before you swipe, you should see their fifth story the next time you click on their profile picture.

However, due to this issue, every time you want to watch a story, Instagram makes you go back to the four you saw earlier.

The exact number of affected users is not yet known.

What is the cause of the problem?

As reported by Digital Trends , the root cause for Instagram Stories to run frequently, according to the Instagram subreddit, is a bug built into a recent update.

Because of the bug, Instagram doesn’t remember where users left off in their friends’ stories, forcing them to start over every time they post new content.

Is there a solution to this problem?

According to the source, some Instagram users said that uninstalling and reinstalling the app solves the problem. However, this was not the case for all users, because some of the problem was not successfully fixed using this method.

What does Instagram say?

An Instagram spokesperson told The Verge that Instagram “recognizes that some people are having trouble accessing Instagram Stories” and that the patch should be available soon.

Netizens complain on Twitter about false Instagram stories

Many users have taken to social media to complain about Instagram stories.


Instagram has added new parental controls to help teens manage their usage

In a separate report on Digitaltrends, Instagram is introducing a slew of new options for parents and teens to help ensure a safer Instagram experience and limit their children’s use of the platform. Here are some of the new features:

Parents can now invite their children to use parental controls.

Parents can see more details about the accounts or posts reported by their child. Parents can see who has been reported and what type of concern has been reported if a teen complains about an account or post.

Parents can now set a time when they “want to restrict teens’ use of Instagram.”

Instagram has introduced “alerts” for notifications, which will advise teenage users that if they keep looking at the same topic in their explorer, they might want to take a look at something else.

Reminders for teens to use the Take a Break function are included. Instagram is now offering additional notifications to its teen users, advising them to use the Take a Break tool after browsing through Reels for a while.

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