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After closing “YouTube Go” .. What are Android Go applications and why was it another failed project from Google!


Google officially announced the separation of the service from the YouTube Go application in August of this year, so what is the Android Go project and why was it another failed experiment from the American company?

Whether it is a computer, a mobile phone or a smart watch, the operating system plays a greater role in the success of the device than its failure, the operating system is the direct link between hardware or hardware and the user, which can make the experience of use easier and more stable and can also make The device is just junk.

And speaking of smartphone operating systems, the matter can now be shortened to iOS and Android systems, after many failed attempts by different companies to enter the operating system market on smartphones, the most famous of which was the Windows Phone system provided by Microsoft, and the Tizen OS system from Samsung, Firefox OS from Mozilla, and Ubuntu Mobile. It gives a clear picture of how difficult it is to create and market a new operating system. But if you already own the world’s most popular system, can you easily create other versions of it? This is what Google thought!

Android Go system.. Google’s plan to win all categories!

The demand for smartphones in emerging markets like India and Africa is on the rise, but with less purchasing power compared to western countries, manufacturers have had to work on a new generation of affordable smartphones under $100 that run smoothly while saving more. of storage capacity and help reduce Internet data consumption. Here came the smart Google plan through which the company tried to increase the number of users of its applications and services.

The company created “Go” applications separately from regular Android applications, which are lighter versions in resource consumption – such as the difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite – and combined them in an operating system bearing the same name “Android Go”. To get out of this system, Google relied on the regular version of Android with improvements that make it work on weak phones, starting from 512 MB to 1 GB of RAM. With this step, Google has given an opportunity to manufacturers to create smartphones at the lowest cost without fearing the problems of poor memory and cramping while using applications.

Google built the first version of “Android Go” on the base Android Oreo (8.0), and the first batch of devices supported by this light system appeared at MWC 2018, where six smartphones were revealed at the exhibition, including Alcatel 1X and Nokia 1. Since then Then, many Android Go smartphones have been announced by other companies such as Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi.

Nokia 1 launched with Android Go version - Android Go

“Google Go” .. Light applications for weak devices

The Android Go version came with special versions of Google applications that carried the phrase “GO” as well. These Go applications are light-sized applications that provide the same functions as basic applications with less consumption of RAM and storage space to run smoothly on mobile phones with low specifications. Google has also enabled Data Saver feature for users of these apps by default to help them consume less internet data.

These apps come pre-installed on any Android Go phone and can also be installed on any other Android smartphones since they are already listed on the Google Play Store. These applications include the following list:

  • Files Go: A lightweight file manager that helps save space by deleting temporary files and more.
  • YouTube Go: A lite version of the YouTube app that allows downloading videos in order to save data.
  • Maps Go: The official Google Maps application for Android Go phones with lower battery and internet consumption.
  • Google Go: A search app optimized to work on vulnerable devices while saving up to 40% of data.
  • Google Assistant Go: An economical version of the Google Voice Assistant.
  • Gmail Go: An economical version of Gmail.
hohhel apps

In addition, Android Go users can use different applications of other companies such as Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Instagram Lite, and Twitter Lite as they are lighter in size compared to the basic applications. Also, since Android Go has the same app store (Google Play), users of these phones can download the basic apps if they want.

Do you know?

The normal version of the Facebook application comes with a size of 227 MB on my phone, while the Lite version of the same application occupies only 3.49 MB, which is approximately 98% less!

After canceling YouTube Go support and preparing to disconnect it from the service… Is Android Go over?

The YouTube Go app was the most successful fruit in the Go package. Thanks to its small size and simple consumption of hardware resources, as well as the option to download videos of different quality – before it was made available in the main version of the YouTube application – YouTube Go gained great popularity among Android phone users, and although it is It was only available for Android Go users, but a large percentage of users downloaded it externally and installed it on their devices.

But without warning, Google announced through its official blog that the YouTube Go app will be discontinued as of August 2022. Users of that application must access YouTube through the main application or the browser version.

The company said that it launched the application as a light version of YouTube for markets with weak Internet, and explained that it has made many improvements to the main YouTube application today to improve the use experience in these markets and is also working on developing features to help reduce Internet data usage in general.

Google justified this step by noting that the main YouTube app offers a better experience and features not available on the Go version that many have requested, such as dark mode and the ability to comment, post and create content.

For these reasons we think Android Go was a failed idea from Google

After Google dispensed with one of the most important Go applications so easily, we expect that the software giant will have the intention of completely dispensing with these light applications gradually, and in fact, this decision seems very logical, as the versions of Android Go did not achieve the required success, and did not spread in a way It is widely used by users as a result of several factors that led to this, which we review for you below.

Evolution of phone hardware and raising the minimum specifications

Perhaps the most important reason is that the hardware of smartphones has developed rapidly in recent years, which has led to raising the minimum specifications for any smartphone that you may want to buy these days. The least you can get is 4 GB of RAM with 64 GB of storage capacity, These numbers are more than enough to run the normal Android system without the need for its smaller version “Go” for phones that have a maximum of 1 GB of RAM.

Interest in developing web versions compatible with smartphones for the most popular applications

And as Google mentioned in its official statement when it dispensed with YouTube Go, we confirm that web versions have developed a lot and can be used as an effective alternative to basic applications, and you can even add an icon for quick access as if you have an actual application for the service you use, try now to enter Facebook through your browser, Or even LinkedIn to find that the same interface that you are used to using the applications of those services appears to you in the form of a web.

Copying the web could be a fatal blow to Go apps

But if you are going to rely on web clones, we recommend that you use a lighter browser, like the Opera Mini app, for example.

There are already lite apps from independent developers

We do not forget that the Android system is open source , which means that there are already alternatives that outperform the Android Go application packages from Google, whether in the features they offer that we do not find in official applications, or popularity among users, for example, we find the open source Newpipe application, which is an alternative to YouTube Joe has many distinctive features such as the ability to download clips as well and in different formats. Also, the Invidious application, which is also open source, is dedicated to watching YouTube without being exposed to tracking files and ads . The app also comes with a background music listening mode and a video download option.

Google has tasted failure more than once, as it is the company that is not afraid of unsecured experiences, and it seems that the Android Go versions were one of those experiences that the American company will throw in the wind.

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