12 Way to earn online and make money


You can use your internet to earn online and make money. Here all the 12 ways of earning money from the internet. First of all, you need to have very good English. Then, you need to be patient.

12. You can be Travel Agent

Would you like to share travel tips? Put your work experience You can sign up for courses or you can pay a fee to a company like Planners Planners, which organizes and trains advisors to work in marine areas. In 1994 by a woman named Michelle in, she did not get a salary for three years. Now in its 25th year, they are preparing cruise organizers.

11. Write E-Book

When talking about e-books, it’s a great way to turn your experience into a platform that people buy, creating a kind of negative income. The Kindle even contains a detailed guide of “how”

10. Be a Travel Writer

Again, if you’re traveling around the world. However, make money at your travel desks! Lonely Planet (Lonely Planet) published a full book on the topic of “How to Become a Travel Writer”, available in print and in an e-book.

9. Translate

Do you speak another language? Consider doing translation. FlexJobs says, “Translation jobs offer abundance in the world. You can search on freelancer websites, which they are the easiest way to earn online and make money.

8. Virtual Assistant

Are you an entrepreneur and resourceful? As a virtual assistant, you can earn money by helping experienced people deliver data to customer service – the sky is the limit. VANetworking was created by a virtual assistant, which is loaded with tips and functions.

7. You can Sell Your Photos and Videos

If you are traveling, it can be a large-scale digital camera, photography and video can be a good way to earn income. Facilitate securities websites. Securities agencies looking for submissions by Shutterstock, Photoshelter, Fotolia and iStock.

6. Set Up an Online Course

Do you have a skill you want to share? International Living proposes to prepare an online course with written tutorials, PDF downloads and videos. For example, Rebecca Grosskreutz used her talent in furniture paint to create a site where members can go at their own pace. When the company launched its business, it sold 33 programs for $ 127 per program. After Akbar’s launch later in the same year, it sold 216 programs for $ 149 per program. Total sales in the first year: $ 36,375. Some online resources for tutorials include TakeLessons, Udemy and Skillshare.

5. Make Blog

So you’re an expert on the subject? Create a blog about it. “Always think about the value it is,” says International Living. “Why should anyone? Best blogging displays your experiences by providing useful information to others. And the great thing about this kind of money? “Matt Nomadic blogger has multiple electronic courses on this topic.

4. You can be an Account Manager

FlexJobs says, “If you have skills you enjoy!” Some of these positions include pharmacist account manager, link building specialist and account strategist.

3. Make Internet Research

According to International Living, you can earn good money (up to $ 50 an hour): “A class of new beginners has started in the world of” fake news. ” Companies and individuals are more interested than ever. Their and in their SharePoint material. They are willing to pay someone for his health. “

2. Freelancing

Need more ideas? There are a lot of public independent sites. Some of these sites, a Web site for entrepreneurs in the areas of sales and marketing to customer service. Or you can market your own services – whatever – at sites like Fiverr. The site is built on the fact that you can charge $ 5 for anything, but the sky is the maximum. He moved to the Kindle Rizzo from waiting tables to market its services on Fiverr; she now makes six numbers while traveling around the world.

  1. Create Software Reviews

If you have strong opinions about software, what is up to $ 50, as he describes it, “tell-it-like-it-is, is, there is no bachelor of marketing, and software reviews occur directly.”

Finally, if you want more way of how to earn online and make money. You can check from www.google.com