How does the internet make you stupid?


It may be natural for memory to erode through the natural life cycle, and the space available for more memories diminishes, and one day the memory will become saturated with memories overflowing with a short-term and deep-rooted alert message that the memory is “unavailable.”

And this saying does not apply to those people whom my Lord has given mercy on whom God has blessed with an iron memory that never ceases to swallow more until its bearer becomes like a history book that has no decision!

Personally, I consider my memory to be pierced, as if the information enters from one ear to be pronounced by the other on every slope of time, the same slope that the seventy-year-old grandmother did not stumble upon, even if time acquired many details on her exhausted body, but he never tampered with her precious possessions that she arranges perfectly on organized shelves. Carefully a sign inside a memory that refuses to put her head on a pillow.

Perhaps this topic specifically falls under the personal differences item, which does not prevent that there is a similar issue emerging from the shell of personalization towards a trend that may be general and comprehensive for an entire generation, unlike the body, the pressure of life in general and its difficulty in many ways and the absence of technology at that time only gave memory to longer youth, They may be similar in their work to those devices whose effectiveness lasts with frequent use, and what is most harmful to them is long or even intermittent hibernation!

Currently, we have an electronic memory that has unlimited storage and is very huge in terms of content. It is provided to you by any electronic device prepared for communicating over the Internet, and even just having a “notebook” in your mobile phone. This in itself keeps you from trying to remember today’s date, and you also do not need to repeat reading a book to establish it. In mind as long as there is something that will bring him back to you at any moment!

This is not really a big problem as long as you are good at employing these distinctive characteristics, but something from intellectual dispersal seems to be eating away at the general body of users of this technology in all its forms, especially those falling under the umbrella of social communication.

The number of users of social networking sites exceeds 2 billion users, while we do not need any number to show the extent of the addiction of young people today to these sites, which absorb most of our time to prevent us in many cases, in an unprogrammed and decided manner, from performing important tasks in our daily lives.

I remember when we were young and watched TV, especially with the start of broadcasting children’s channels that broadcast all day long, that when the electricity was cut off, the first thing we did was open the school bag during the day and look for pending assignments and postponed lessons, and mastered arranging, scrutinizing, reading stories and more! And at night another story of joint team games and he may go beyond to start simple crafts!

Many studies today prove the bad effect on children’s intelligence; Because of sitting for very long hours in front of the Internet, and not only intelligence, but also the multiplicity of the source of information and the lack of trust in it and the ease of access to it by the child without any supervision over him to let him know how true this information he accesses and discusses with him, which necessarily affects him.

The experience of the Yemeni student, “Izz Al-Din Aref”, which he presented on his YouTube channel, which is summarized by abandoning his smartphone and replacing it with another for calls only and without using the Internet for a whole week. Through the application, it counts the number of hours you have spent using the phone.

Apart from the many positive outcomes of the experience, two things caught my attention: reading books, so that he was able to read more than 80 pages in a week, according to the time available to him. The other thing is that he relies on his human memory to locate places without using the “GPS”, and this alone is a free training to remember and focus at the same time.

According to Google statistics, the number of users of the site increased from 9800 in 1998 to more than 1.17 billion users, so that there are 1.2 trillion searches daily, without counting the users of other search sites that are also famous. Long-term fat memory is far away to be replaced by an immediate memory that feeds on bits of information.

Again, memory alone is not the most important. Perhaps according to Friedrich Nietzsche, you can enjoy good things several times for the first time with your weak memory, and if you read Mosteghanemi’s dreams, she advises not to take memory seriously as a cure for heartache!

Don’t fret if you hear that the internet will make you stupid! Studies say that and reality gives you proof, and this does not necessarily mean that it may not make you smarter, as the subject is no more than a nice and simple combination expressed by the Roman philosopher Seneca in his famous phrase: “To be everywhere is to be nowhere.”

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