Wi-Fi on the Moon! Scientists at NASA reveal their way to provide the Internet there


Scientists at NASA spent a long time finding a way to install a reliable and reliable Wi-Fi network on the moon, before they thought of using the same method to provide Wi-Fi in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Cleveland is, of course, more sophisticated and ready to host scientists than Malabert Crater, near the moon’s south pole, where the agency is considering setting up a main camp for its astronauts . But that does not mean that infrastructure in Cleveland suffers from some shortcomings as well. The National Digital Inclusion Alliance found that 31% of homes there do not have broadband Internet access.

As a result, engineers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Ohio set out to study whether the method they hope to use — to create a Wi-Fi network on the moon — could be adopted in Cleveland as well.

While Jamie Russell, a spokesman for the think tank based in the far west of the city, said they “tacked the Internet problem on the moon and Cleveland at the same time. On the moon, we don’t have infrastructure, and it’s really hard to lay cables there. “The best way to provide internet to the people on the Moon? How will the astronauts use the Internet while performing their missions there? They may be able to talk on the radio, but the level of radiation [which could lead to poor transmission or interference] is very high on the Moon.”

Hence, the team concluded by using routers (wireless routers) suspended on seven-meter poles and installed throughout the lunar crater to provide a stronger internet than that provided by relying on a single tower.

The team said that relying on this method could also work in Cleveland. Thus, NASA decided to install guidance devices connected to about 20,000 light columns; To provide Wi-Fi to every home in Cleveland.

“They’re taking power out of the shaft,” Russell explained. “Maybe the internet speed won’t be enough to play online games or watch 4K videos, but it will be enough to get you through your day and do your work online.”

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