Meta introduces important new tools for the Reels feature on Instagram and Facebook


The company Meta – Facebook previously – said that it has started offering more tools for content makers through Reels, a competitor to Tik Tok, which is the feature that the company is focusing on recently and allows both Facebook and Instagram users to publish short screen-length videos that can be moved between them in the same way as the video clips application. The most popular short TikTok TikTok, and the American company said that the new tools will help creators and content makers not to rely on Tik Tok to edit short videos, while creating original content through both Facebook and Instagram and publishing it directly through the Reels feature.

What are the new features coming to Facebook Reels? 

These are the new features that Rails users will get through the Facebook application:

Creating and scheduling Rails videos through the Facebook desktop website, which means that content producers can rely on their computers to create, edit and publish videos through their web browser via Creator Studio, with the ability to schedule the publication of Rails videos.

New Features Coming to Facebook Rails

The ability to cut short video clips Reels from long video clips, whether recorded or live, posted by users directly through the Facebook website, which gives content creators easy ways and tools to cut short video clips Creator Studio from clips they have published such as game broadcasts and others up to 60 seconds, and then post it directly to Facebook Rails.

Tools to enhance audio in Facebook Reels, which are tools that include the ability to voice over videos, in addition to the Sound Sync feature to automatically synchronize videos with the rhythm of favorite songs, as well as a feature to choose a digital voice that reads the text in Reels videos based on Text-to-speech conversion.

What are the new Reels tools coming for Instagram users? 

These are the new features that META has launched for Rails users in the Instagram app: 

Post longer Rails videos up to 90 seconds.

The ability to use famous stickers in Instagram Stories in Reels videos, including poll, question and slider stickers to express how much you feel, whether love, anger or other.

New Reels Tools Coming for Instagram Users

Import the audio directly from any video of no less than 5 seconds in the camera roll, so that the audio can be used in Instagram Rails videos.

Ready-made templates to make it easier and faster to create Rails videos and publish them on Instagram.

And Meta announced that it had introduced the feature of displaying proposed Reels videos directly on the timeline on Facebook globally, in addition to displaying Reels videos in the Watch tab globally, and also said that it recommends content makers always publish original content through the Reels feature, as it says that it always gives priority for the original content.

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