Continuity Camera: A feature that allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam for Mac


Apple announced a new feature called Continuity Camera coming to Mac users with the new version of macOS 13, during the keynote speech at its WWDC 2022 developer conference, a feature that allows users of Mac devices such as the MacBook Pro 2021 and others to use iPhone phones as a webcam In video calls, allowing the use of advanced cameras in iPhone phones such as iPhone 13 to improve the experience while making video calls.

The user only has to put the iPhone near the Mac connected to the same Apple account, so that the Continuity Camera feature in Mac devices detects the presence of the iPhone and the use of the rear cameras instead of the webcam, without the need to purchase any devices or connections, while supporting the features that are available to iPhone users. Such as Center Stage and Portrait Mode.

The new feature of using iPhone as a webcam is coming this year 2022

Apple confirmed that the new Continuity Camera feature coming to Mac devices with the new version of macOS Ventura will support other meeting applications away from FaceTime, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx , and others.

Apple said that it is cooperating with Belkin to provide various parts to facilitate installing the iPhone above the MacBook screen, but the user can rely on any other method, as the feature depends entirely on the next Mac system update, which will be available later this year 2022.


Use iPhone as a Webcam Continuity Camera for Mac 

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