Meta introduces a new call tracking feature in the Messenger app 


Meta has introduced a new update to the Messenger app for iPhone and Android users, an update that adds a new Calls tab, which allows users to quickly access the call history made through the application, whether incoming or outgoing calls, as part of Meta’s encouragement for Messenger users to make voice calls. And video calls through the application, in addition to texting.

Voice and video calls through Messenger increased by 40 percent

The new call tab in the Facebook Messenger app
New Calls tab in Facebook Messenger

And Facebook – now dead – had removed earlier in 2014 the messaging feature from the main Facebook application, in order to push users to install the separate Messenger application to communicate, whether text or through voice calls and video calls that arrived in the application in 2015, which made the application from The most popular messaging application around the world, but later brought the feature back to the Facebook application itself, and then took more steps to provide an integrated messaging experience for both Facebook and Instagram users.

According to Meta, voice and video calls through its Messenger application increased by 40% in early 2020, as users make more than 300 million calls per day . Which also provides the feature of text messaging, voice calls and video calls.

The Messenger application is available for free download for Android users through the Google Play Store , and the application is also available for free download for iPhone users through the Apple App Store .

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