Saudi Arabia has become a regional hub for Alibaba


The Saudi Cloud Computing Company (SCCC) announced the launch of its services in the Kingdom as a culmination of choosing Riyadh as the regional center of operations in the Middle East for Alibaba Cloud Company, the digital technology and artificial intelligence arm of the Alibaba Group.

The Saudi Cloud Computing Company is a new joint venture formed by Alibaba Cloud, STC Group, eWTP Arabia Capital, Saudi Artificial Intelligence Company and Saudi Information Technology Company, in order to keep pace with the growing demand for cloud services in the Kingdom.

The company revealed the opening of the two data centers located in Riyadh, among 16 centers  being opened across the administrative regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The two centers are distinguished for storing data inside the Kingdom, with a capacity to accommodate more than 50,000 entities and 100 million customers. In addition to providing 31 cloud services that meet the basic needs of customers.

The two hubs provide customers in Saudi Arabia and the region with a local option to take advantage of global cloud capabilities with high availability, flexibility, security and sustainability.

The new data centers also offer a wide range of reliable and secure public cloud computing solutions such as Elastic Computing, Storage, Network and Databases to meet the growing demand from some sectors, such as retail, Fintech, Internet, etc. during the digital transformation journey in the region.

Cloud company Alibaba previously announced that it had committed up to $500 million to its investments in the kingdom. And that over the next five years.

She noted that the investments include providing comprehensive, high-level resources to help build sustainability and ensure Emiratisation.

The company opened its center in Riyadh to provide better services to local and regional clients in the Kingdom. In addition to clients in the Middle East and North Africa, the center serves as a regional center for management and training.

Launching the services of the Saudi Cloud Computing Company

The Chairman of the SCCC Board of Directors stressed that the launch is an important step in supporting the digital transformation process that the Kingdom is witnessing. The launch is in line with the Kingdom’s goal of becoming a data center connecting the world’s continents.

Faisal Al-Khamisi added: The launch of the company’s services a few days after its establishment became clear evidence that we are working within the vision of a leader who wants to overcome all difficulties to facilitate legislation and laws in the Kingdom, support attracting investments, and enhance the Kingdom’s digital position in the world.

He also indicated that the partners in this project are working to expand the scope of services to include every public sector and private entity.

For her part, Selina Yuan, Vice President of Alibaba Group, said: The Kingdom is a very strategic and important market for us. The launch of the new joint venture is also a milestone in our commitment to forging partnerships with local partners to advance digital transformation in the Kingdom.

She added: We are confident that Alibaba Cloud will support more local companies benefiting from the leading cloud computing technologies. This is done through close cooperation with the Saudi Telecom Group and other local partners.

The company contributes to providing jobs and transferring knowledge and expertise to the Kingdom, while ensuring the provision of a safe work environment for entrepreneurs.

This is in line with the efforts made by the Kingdom to enhance economic diversification and stimulate investment opportunities in the cloud computing sector.

The company also contributes to developing and preparing the Kingdom’s digital infrastructure to provide digital data storage services and solutions and ensure its protection and security. This enhances the Kingdom’s ability to provide cloud computing services to global companies.


Saudi Arabia has become a regional hub for Alibaba

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