Apple dives deeper into cars with CarPlay


Apple has announced that it is integrating its software more deeply into the core driving systems of cars. The company previewed the upcoming version of CarPlay  that’s included in iOS 16.

The new CarPlay user interface includes a more futuristic design that includes richer data about your journey.

In addition, you can now control the car’s buttons without leaving CarPlay. This allows users to fine-tune car settings without leaving CarPlay’s immersive user interface.

Apple says that 98% of all new cars in the US have CarPlay, and 79% of users consider this feature before buying a car.

The updated version offers an experience similar to that of the iPhone. As a result, iOS users find the landscape in their cars more familiar. Not to mention that the updated version supports larger car screens.

This allows users to take advantage of spaces in full screen mode with related information, switches, and more.

And this new experience – closely related to car hardware – likely reflects what the Apple car experience could be.

And rumors are that we probably won’t be seeing this car anytime soon. However, the company seems to envision a user-facing interface. The company can test the experience through CarPlay before it rolls out in its own car.

The next generation of CarPlay reveals the future Apple car experience

The new CarPlay experience also supports themes, allowing users to choose between different layouts, colors, and more.

It also connects to your paired iPhone in a private and secure way to display relevant data while you’re driving. These include movement speed and temperature.

Manufacturers are looking to integrate the next generation of CarPlay, including Ford, Audi, Honda, Ford, Infiniti, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Volvo, Polestar and more . Vehicles that support the new CarPlay experience will be announced late next year.

This updated version of CarPlay further enriches the company’s vision for the vehicle. It allows users to customize it and display more relevant information. This centralizes the vehicle and prevents users from having to switch between CarPlay and the vehicle’s original interfaces.

Apple dives deeper into cars with CarPlay

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