Google opens its first new Bay View headquarters designed and developed


The American company Google, Google, opened a new headquarters called Bay View in the city of Mount View, California, USA, earlier this May 2022, which began as a special project from Google, which it started working on in 2017, and it is the first Google headquarters from Developed by the company itself, Google is focusing its new Bay View headquarters on sustainable, human-centered design. 

Google said that the company’s new headquarters in California Bay View is equipped with the largest geothermal facility in North America, and about the design of the new headquarters, Google said that after talking with employees about their needs in the workplace, it saw that they prefer a place that combines spaces for meetings and group creativity and others Isolated from sound and movement to accomplish work that requires deep focus, which prompted it to design the building so that the first floor is for meetings and other activities that require the presence of gatherings, provided that the upper floor is for the work team’s spaces to focus more on business, while facilitating access between them, so that it is divided The upper floor into smaller neighborhoods separated by courtyards and connected by ramps that gradually rise as they move to the center of the building.

The design of the new Google Bay View headquarters is consistent with the design principles called  Biophilic Design , that is, that combines nature and interior design, as the headquarters includes green spaces and relies on natural daylight lighting, as well as provides comfortable external views of the offices, with the aim of improving health And the welfare of employees, and the upper windows automatically adjust the direct light on the offices, and the ventilation system depends on the outside air by 100%, which Google says is a great achievement compared to 20:30% in other ventilation systems, and Google confirmed that it examined thousands of products and building materials to remove toxins in order to provide the best possible healthy environment. 

Google’s new Bay View headquarters is environmentally friendly 

Google confirmed that, in commitment to achieving its promise of using current energy of 100 percent by 2030, it has taken into account that renewable energy and maximizing the use of solar energy is a priority in the first headquarters of its design and development, as it relied on what it calls dragonscale solar skin to generate energy from Through direct rooftops and on wind farms to generate 90% carbon-free energy.

Google's new Bay View headquarters is environmentally friendly 

Google said that it aims for the headquarters to be completely positive in terms of consumption of non-potable water, so that the headquarters relies entirely on the use of recycled water generated from the site, with pools that collect rainwater throughout the year and a living wastewater treatment system for buildings that serve as water sources for cooling towers Wash toilets and landscaping.

The Google Bay View headquarters relies on electricity instead of gas, as the two kitchens that serve seven cafes are fully equipped with electric equipment instead of gas as a model for cafes and kitchens completely carbon-free, and also depends on the integrated geothermal pillars system on heating and cooling the headquarters, which reduces Of the amount of water normally used for cooling by 90 percent, which is equivalent to five million gallons of water annually.

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