Google launches Google TV app for iPhone and iPad


Google has officially launched the Google TV application for iPhone and iPad, which was made available earlier this year 2022 for Android phones, and it is the application that replaces the Play Movies & TV application from Google, which allows the user to explore and watch the best latest movies and series, and Google said that two-thirds of adults In the United States, they search for entertainment content through their smartphones, and nearly half of them watch content on their phones for an hour a day. 

What are the features of the Google TV app? 

The new Google TV application provides users with viewing recommendations from its various shared broadcast applications such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and others, so that the user can discover new content from his favorite applications in one place through the application.

The new Google TV application, now available for Android phones and iPhone, also provides the user with saving TV series such as science fiction series and others and movies, so that movies and series can be saved for later viewing even when searching for them via Google search, which also allows access to this list from Through the Android TV system or through the new Android TV Box or Chromecast with Google TV interface and others.

Features of Google TV App

The Google TV application also allows users to view the watch list of the most famous stars, by hosting a star in a feature entitled Watch With Me that appears within the “For You” tab, in order to learn about the best TV series and films that inspired the most popular artists. 

Through the Google TV application, the user can rate the movies and series that you have watched through the like and dislike buttons, which allows for better recommendations for watching through the application.

One of the best features of the new Google TV application is the ability to use the phone as an alternative to the remote control, for Google TV devices such as Chromecast and other Android TV devices, which allows controlling the TV and using the Google Voice Assistant, and the keyboard on the phone can also be used to type Complex passwords, movie names or search terms quickly.

The Google TV application is now available for free download for Android devices through the Google Play Store , and the application is also available for free download for iOS devices now through the Apple App Store

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